Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ihop and U-top it in Covington!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night we decided to go hang out where all the cool Covington kids hang out. For dinner we went to the new Covington Ihop for dinner. I had a steak sandwich that looked just like the picture of the steak sandwich I had at the diner in Hollywood FL with my folks. Well, it was good, but it wasn't nearly as tasty as the FL dive. When we showed up it wasn't too busy, but by the time we left...the place was crawling with Covingtonians.

This could be part of the reason...Kids eat Free! Yup, Hansen and Lillie ate free, as did all the other kids at the restaurant.

In the same plaza, the place for desert is the new U-top it. Yup, get a little ice-cream and top it yourself! Between dinner and desert, I ran into seven kids from CV! Lots of, "Oh, Hi Mr. Slane!"

Today will be a sunny warm day! like 60 degrees! Today Maren gets to sleep in as long as she possibly can...I think she can make it past 10:00. Later I will take Preston out for 9 holes with a couple of work friends.

See you tomorrow. Actually, probably not. Have a great Easter!


sussah said...

I've always loved all IHOPs since the days we'd go to the one on 87th avenue across from westchester shopping center. We just went to one in Gulf Shores/Foley on our beach trip in March. I think the main reason for the attraction/mania is that the coffee is presented in whole pots, which grandma Bobby used to love. I'm glad you had fun & got a couple of free meals too! love & happy easter, susanna

Julian's Blog said...

If you make it to the Covington Ihop, please stop by for a visit!

Molly said...

I remember that IHOP! And there used to be a Zayre's there too, on the west side of 87th Ave.

Today we had a rehearsal at church for tomorrow's service - in addition to the regular choir singing and our handbell choir ringing, there is a brass quintet with timpani. Such glorious music. I hope everyone gets to attend an Easter service tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone!