Monday, April 18, 2011

I wasn't at the shower.

Good morning, it is Monday.

This weekend was a busy weekend as usual, but the kicker was that we had nice weather! Yup, it may have gotten to like 50 degrees and the sun was out! Yay. Hansen and Lillie got to have overnights with their cousins. Hansen at Alex's house and Lillie at Nana's house. Preston got to hang with friends all weekend, so it wasn't too bad for him either. Maren had to work on Saturday morning and I got to golf. I finished 2nd in the Druids Glen Season Opener. The kid who won was also in my group, a 20 year old college player who hit the ball like 40 past me off the tee. There was a huge turn out of good golfers and I didn't think I did that well, but I guess I didn't do too bad afterall. I have had a nice start to golf season this year. After Maren got off work on Saturday she headed over to Carol's house for Stef's wedding shower/birthday party. Lots of girls were there and I hear it was a fun time. Someone else will have to blog about that party...I wasn't there! I headed over to Kraig's house and we took all the boys (sans Preston) to watch some BMX racing. The boys think they might like to race BMX, but really they just want to play video games when it comes right down to it. Actually, they enjoy riding their bikes on the BMX track for fun, but neither Hansen or Alex really have the need to actually be racers. We had dinner for all the kids as well as Kraig and Grandpa at our house on Friday night as we met here before going separate ways.
Yesterday after church was a big Easter egg hunt. Lillie went all over collecting eggs and candy. The big kids just kind of hung out and didn't do much, and Hansen wasn't in the egg collecting mood either. Oh well, I guess Easter egg hunts are meant for the littlest kids anyhow.

Today we are back to school and work. Only 46 more days of school until summer vacation!

See you tomorrow.

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