Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few weekend pics.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a good day. Back from break was tough, in fact I'm very tired now. But back to yesterday. Hansen had a very good track meet. He won the long jump and did well in the dash and the relay. The weather was sunny and kind of warm (like 48 degrees) so it was great. Preston had soccer practice. At practice he had a coach/player evaluation and did well there too. Because soccer is still going strong and it is the sport he really loves, Preston is not doing track this year. There are plenty of folks scratching their heads about that decision as he is so darn good at track...but he is so darn good at every sport he does and his life is busy enough, I think it is fine that he only does the sports he really likes. I think you may see him playing more golf this summer? Lillie enjoyed the sunshine with her friends and they were out playing for hours after school.

Here are a few of pics from the weekend: At Annie's 39th birthday party. Preston now hangs out with the adults while younger boys are off playing with cousins. Annie is on the right at the table. You can see Maren peeking in the picture on the far right. The guys are watching the Masters and the little girls are:
Spying of the adults from the lookout over the stairs.
This is Hansen playing Wii bowl. We had a few tournaments this weekend, but Lillie was still bummed we didn't go "real" bowling.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

We enjoyed all the pictures. I'm glad Preston is doing soccer since he really likes it. It's great that he's so good at so many things.