Monday, April 11, 2011

Bye bye Spring Break

Good morning, it is Monday.

Spring break is over. Boo Hoo. We will miss you spring break. We could live in spring break forever. The weather is getting nicer and and the days are getting longer and well, the good thing about going back to school/work is that is it getting closer to summer. And as Preston says, "How many more book reports can I have between now and Summer?" I wouldn't want to answer that one.

This has been a very fun and busy last few days. I won the Spring Open golf tournament at our local golf course...yay for me! I also climbed on the roof and put down moss killer and such (not so fun, but done just in time for rain). Preston's team won their soccer game they are waiting for tryouts for the next season to take place in a few weeks. Hansen enjoyed the dry weather and has been zipping around on his rip-stick skateboard thing. Lillie has been visiting friends and playing outside. And Maren even got to have lunch with a friend. We all got to go to Cousin Annie's 39th birthday party. The party was fun, the kids got to hang with cousins, the guys watched the Masters (amazing finish), the girls all chatted, and a great time was had by all. To end things up, Preston got to go to a Wii night at the church and had a fun time with many friends.

But now, off to getting kids ready for school and back to the same old, same old. Tonight Hansen has a track meet and Preston has soccer practice.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

A big congratulations on winning the Spring Open golf tournament, and we're glad you didn't fall off the roof. Congrats to Preston's soccer team, too. You're right - the end of the Master's was amazing.

Bernice said...

Congratulations to all the Slanes for their accomplishments. Glad you had a good mini vacation and now back to the real world.