Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Botanic Gardens

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Lillie's class got to go to the U of W Botanic Gardens on a field trip. She had a very nice time. We were worried about how she should dress because around here these days you get 50 degree and sun then a half an hour later you get 36 degrees and hail/rain/wind and darkness. Then back to sun. Crazy. She said it was a little cold, but not bad, she figured she would be warm so she left her jacket at school and just wore her sweatshirt! Got to look good I guess? I wasn't at this field trip, so no pictures, I am sure it was great. Lillie even entertained me with a great story about how the bus dropped them off at the wrong place! But they got there and it was all good.

Hansen had a track meet...in the sun! Yay. He is still undefeated in the long jump, but only by 1/2 an inch. And the lackadaisical way the measuring high schoolers measure these jumps while texting and talking to friends I would have to give each jump recorded a +/- of an inch in recording. So good for Hansen! Not only did he jump the farthest, his jump was recorded that way as well!

As soon as I got back from Hansen's track meet, it was off to Preston's soccer game. He played very well, but the final score had his team down 0-3. One more game on Thursday night and then it is off to tryouts and getting ready for the next season.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun stuff is going on - congrats to Hansen on his long jump!