Thursday, April 28, 2011

Been sick.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I've had this fever that I just can't shake for the last few days. My skin hurts and the whole 9 yards. The past couple of days I have been just trying to sleeping all day. Let me say that I now hate my bed and will go to work as a zombie just for a change of pace. If I'm not better soon I will check in with a doctor, but I feel that it is a virus that needs to just pass. That is why I haven't blogged, I just have not wanted to whine too much...but there I go anyway.

I had a golf date last night with the Druid Glen men's club. It was a pick your partner, and Preston and his girlfriend had it all set up that I would be his girlfriend's dad's partner. Even though I missed work, I got up, took a bunch of Advil and Excedrin and went to play. Of the 60 folks registered to play, about half bailed because of the weather front coming through. Barry wanted to play (he is a nice guy, a 13 hcp) so I didn't say no. I started off well, but after about 5 holes the temps dropped dramatically. It had been pouring rain the whole time, but when its started to snow (yes, the course turned white on April 27th) I just got to where I couldn't even feel my hands and I ended up walking in to get warm. Apparently most folks got in before me as they quit too. Barry got a par and bogey on the holes I didn't play. I think we did ok.

Maren had said that if I skipped work I shouldn't golf, besides, what if I saw someone from work? Yeah right I said, at the golf course? Well, after I slogged back into the restaurant, I plopped my sorry self down right next to a co-worker! I just laughed and told her the whole story. Her husband was golfing and she came out to eat with them after the round. I guess Maren knows best.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ihop and U-top it in Covington!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night we decided to go hang out where all the cool Covington kids hang out. For dinner we went to the new Covington Ihop for dinner. I had a steak sandwich that looked just like the picture of the steak sandwich I had at the diner in Hollywood FL with my folks. Well, it was good, but it wasn't nearly as tasty as the FL dive. When we showed up it wasn't too busy, but by the time we left...the place was crawling with Covingtonians.

This could be part of the reason...Kids eat Free! Yup, Hansen and Lillie ate free, as did all the other kids at the restaurant.

In the same plaza, the place for desert is the new U-top it. Yup, get a little ice-cream and top it yourself! Between dinner and desert, I ran into seven kids from CV! Lots of, "Oh, Hi Mr. Slane!"

Today will be a sunny warm day! like 60 degrees! Today Maren gets to sleep in as long as she possibly can...I think she can make it past 10:00. Later I will take Preston out for 9 holes with a couple of work friends.

See you tomorrow. Actually, probably not. Have a great Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water please?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

In case you haven't noticed, our water dispenser on our refrigerator has been broken for a few months. Apparently the oldest of our children decided the water wasn't coming out fast enough or something and pushed harder to the point where the fob thing just broke off. I wasn't in any hurry to fix it as I thought it would be an expensive call to the repair folks, and there are other ways to get water around this house. Well, I finally went online and saw the part I needed was discontinued, so I bought the suggested replacement. After a bit of frustration, a near loss of temper (that would be me), and some excellent and patient help [from Hansen], we were able to fix the water dispenser ourselves.

It is clear like the original, but the top is white instead of graphite color. In the picture it looks pretty different, but in real life, you can't see the white top and it looks perfectly normal.

Besides, there is so much stuff on the fridge...and the stuff is constantly changing as Lillie likes to move things around on it, that you would never notice a little change in the dispenser. And it actually works! You can see Maren in the background watching a little Survivor on TV...haha.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skeleton hoodie.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a busy day. I went from Lillie's dance class straight to Young Author's Night at school. Lots of kids dressed as a character, giving speeches and going back and forth between being extremely nervous and having a great time.

A few first and second graders have these cool skeleton sweatshirts. The skeleton is cool enough, but the coolest part is how the hood zips over your face to be your skull. It even has eye holes to see through. When the hood is unzipped, you can't even tell it is anything different. I think these are too cool. Not a good look if you're over like 10 years old, but still cool:

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Botanic Gardens

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Lillie's class got to go to the U of W Botanic Gardens on a field trip. She had a very nice time. We were worried about how she should dress because around here these days you get 50 degree and sun then a half an hour later you get 36 degrees and hail/rain/wind and darkness. Then back to sun. Crazy. She said it was a little cold, but not bad, she figured she would be warm so she left her jacket at school and just wore her sweatshirt! Got to look good I guess? I wasn't at this field trip, so no pictures, I am sure it was great. Lillie even entertained me with a great story about how the bus dropped them off at the wrong place! But they got there and it was all good.

Hansen had a track the sun! Yay. He is still undefeated in the long jump, but only by 1/2 an inch. And the lackadaisical way the measuring high schoolers measure these jumps while texting and talking to friends I would have to give each jump recorded a +/- of an inch in recording. So good for Hansen! Not only did he jump the farthest, his jump was recorded that way as well!

As soon as I got back from Hansen's track meet, it was off to Preston's soccer game. He played very well, but the final score had his team down 0-3. One more game on Thursday night and then it is off to tryouts and getting ready for the next season.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Aurora!

Good morning for a second time!

Today you get an extra blog post because today is Aurora's 3rd birthday!

Happy third birthday to the cutest kid in Texas! See you tomorrow.

I wasn't at the shower.

Good morning, it is Monday.

This weekend was a busy weekend as usual, but the kicker was that we had nice weather! Yup, it may have gotten to like 50 degrees and the sun was out! Yay. Hansen and Lillie got to have overnights with their cousins. Hansen at Alex's house and Lillie at Nana's house. Preston got to hang with friends all weekend, so it wasn't too bad for him either. Maren had to work on Saturday morning and I got to golf. I finished 2nd in the Druids Glen Season Opener. The kid who won was also in my group, a 20 year old college player who hit the ball like 40 past me off the tee. There was a huge turn out of good golfers and I didn't think I did that well, but I guess I didn't do too bad afterall. I have had a nice start to golf season this year. After Maren got off work on Saturday she headed over to Carol's house for Stef's wedding shower/birthday party. Lots of girls were there and I hear it was a fun time. Someone else will have to blog about that party...I wasn't there! I headed over to Kraig's house and we took all the boys (sans Preston) to watch some BMX racing. The boys think they might like to race BMX, but really they just want to play video games when it comes right down to it. Actually, they enjoy riding their bikes on the BMX track for fun, but neither Hansen or Alex really have the need to actually be racers. We had dinner for all the kids as well as Kraig and Grandpa at our house on Friday night as we met here before going separate ways.
Yesterday after church was a big Easter egg hunt. Lillie went all over collecting eggs and candy. The big kids just kind of hung out and didn't do much, and Hansen wasn't in the egg collecting mood either. Oh well, I guess Easter egg hunts are meant for the littlest kids anyhow.

Today we are back to school and work. Only 46 more days of school until summer vacation!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sometimes free is not worth it.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday after school there was a free soccer camp held at the little's school. It was put on by a big soccer organization and lots of kids wanted to attend. I wrote notes for the kids and told them that if they wanted to go, they could, but if they didn't want to go...they could just get on the bus and come home. They had it all figured out. If it was raining or if they didn't have friends going, they would just come home. Hansen would then text me and let me know what was up so I could pick them or one of them up. Well, as it turned out, Lillie got sucked into the soccer vortex and Hansen came home. The rain started up so I decided to head up there about an half an hour early to see how Lillie was enjoying soccer camp. This is what I found: Sure, she had 7 kids from her class attending as well as other friends. But soccer in the rain? Not her thing. She was very happy to see me, she skipped on over and asked immediately if we could just go home. That is just what we did. At home she cleaned up, had some food, and did a great job of totally annoying Preston and his girlfriend [who was over for a visit].

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's for lunch?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

A few weeks ago I implemented a new lunch rule at our house for school days. The new rule is, you make your own lunch! What was happening before was I was making lunch for everyone and the kids would only eat some of it and complain about the rest. So for awhile I would just have them help me with their lunches, but then Lillie was wanting to just do it herself...and if she wanted to do it herself, then the boys can do it themselves!

These days Preston always makes himself a lunch, but then supplements it from the line at school. Hansen makes his own lunch, but by most means it is mostly junk food...I hope his teacher doesn't mind, but the truth be told, I threw away all his healthy food from his lunch bag the next morning. And Lillie, well, she always checks the lunch order online before doing anything else. She buys her lunch 2/3rds of the time.

Here Lillie is checking the lunch order...she won't let me help with that either! I always have to log out of the computer so she can then log in, go to the school website, navigate to the lunch menu, then play with the lunch menu so that only the day's lunch is visible on the screen...that way she can read if from across the room if she wants!

I wonder what will be for lunch today?

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few weekend pics.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a good day. Back from break was tough, in fact I'm very tired now. But back to yesterday. Hansen had a very good track meet. He won the long jump and did well in the dash and the relay. The weather was sunny and kind of warm (like 48 degrees) so it was great. Preston had soccer practice. At practice he had a coach/player evaluation and did well there too. Because soccer is still going strong and it is the sport he really loves, Preston is not doing track this year. There are plenty of folks scratching their heads about that decision as he is so darn good at track...but he is so darn good at every sport he does and his life is busy enough, I think it is fine that he only does the sports he really likes. I think you may see him playing more golf this summer? Lillie enjoyed the sunshine with her friends and they were out playing for hours after school.

Here are a few of pics from the weekend: At Annie's 39th birthday party. Preston now hangs out with the adults while younger boys are off playing with cousins. Annie is on the right at the table. You can see Maren peeking in the picture on the far right. The guys are watching the Masters and the little girls are:
Spying of the adults from the lookout over the stairs.
This is Hansen playing Wii bowl. We had a few tournaments this weekend, but Lillie was still bummed we didn't go "real" bowling.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bye bye Spring Break

Good morning, it is Monday.

Spring break is over. Boo Hoo. We will miss you spring break. We could live in spring break forever. The weather is getting nicer and and the days are getting longer and well, the good thing about going back to school/work is that is it getting closer to summer. And as Preston says, "How many more book reports can I have between now and Summer?" I wouldn't want to answer that one.

This has been a very fun and busy last few days. I won the Spring Open golf tournament at our local golf course...yay for me! I also climbed on the roof and put down moss killer and such (not so fun, but done just in time for rain). Preston's team won their soccer game they are waiting for tryouts for the next season to take place in a few weeks. Hansen enjoyed the dry weather and has been zipping around on his rip-stick skateboard thing. Lillie has been visiting friends and playing outside. And Maren even got to have lunch with a friend. We all got to go to Cousin Annie's 39th birthday party. The party was fun, the kids got to hang with cousins, the guys watched the Masters (amazing finish), the girls all chatted, and a great time was had by all. To end things up, Preston got to go to a Wii night at the church and had a fun time with many friends.

But now, off to getting kids ready for school and back to the same old, same old. Tonight Hansen has a track meet and Preston has soccer practice.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bunny ears?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was errand day around here. During a break I took the kids out to Starbucks to spend a gift card and buy everyone a hot chocolate. These three kids can sometimes get along splendidly, even too well. Once goofiness takes over, it doesn't end until Hansen is wearing his hot chocolate. But no fear, we went straight from Starbucks to bunny pictures. Preston wasn't in the pics last couple of years, and Hansen was going to follow suit... But since they were all there...they all got in the photo! Hansen made sure that he would keep on goofing off which worked out perfectly, after all, you have to be giving your sister bunny ears when taking pics with a bunny.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ocean Shores and Grandpa's watch.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

For the past few days we have been on vacation! We started spring break in style...with a totally wet and soggy trip to Ocean Shores. Usually we hit Ocean Shores in the summer when the air is dry and the temps are high. Not so this time, but we still had a very nice time. This is the view out of our hotel. This was taken during a rare sunburst. Even with the rain the view was very nice.
In the summer it is no problem to walk through the dunes to the beach. Not so in the spring. The dunes were filled with swampy mucky pits of muck. Lillie and Maren still gave it a try. This picture is taken from in the van as we try to rescue the hikers.
We got to visit with Ken, Brenda, Keith, Neesha, and Emma. Emma is Keith and Neesha's cute as pie one year old daughter who just goes and goes. In this picture Lillie is shooting some pool with Ken as Maren and Brenda catch up in the background. We are in a very nice community center where Ken and Brenda live. I can't believe I don't have any pictures of Emma, but there were other cameras and I'm sure there are no shortages of cute pictures of her in the world.
Golf is always on the list for Preston and I when in Ocean Shores. But the rain...ugh. Instead of golfing, Ken and Keith went to the driving range with Preston, Hansen and myself. You can tell it is wet enough. This is Keith hitting a nice shot with Ken teeing up a ball in the background. Maren used to babysit Keith and his brother Kevin when they were little. I gave Keith his first golf clubs and his grandma made him a cool mini-bag. 20 years later he still has a nice golf swing.
Preston and Hansen hitting in the rain. Preston was hitting very nice shots and trying to improve while Hansen was hitting goofy shots like Happy Gilmore and trying to crack everyone up.
Here I am hitting shots. I was just having fun. I gave out a few tips and tried to keep Happy from hurting anyone.
With the crummy weather, we never did build sand castles, but we did drive on the beach. Here is one of the doughnuts we made in the minivan. Lots of shrieking in the van as we did crazy turns and loops and the kids played leaners and had fun. When we got home, look what was in the mail for me. My grandpa's watch. Bernice had bought it for him before they got married. Grandpa had specifically wanted me to have it. The watch works perfectly and with a few little adjustments it fits perfectly too. Thanks Bernice.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 01, 2011

A new driver?

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday we finally broke down and bought Maren a new car! Yup, her 10 year old Hyundai with over 110,000 miles was finally replaced. She now has a brand new April Fools Joke! Haha, no new car here. Maren plans on driving her little car to like 200,000 miles or something, and that's no joke. Maren says she didn't do any jokes at our house...but I am treading lightly this morning.

Yesterday was Preston's band concert. One of his last as he is not going to play band next year at high school. The concert was very nice: Preston is in this picture somewhere...near the middle.
I did take Preston to "demo day" at Jade Greens. The place was rocking. Preston was the only kid wearing soccer gear, but who can blame him? He really liked the new Adams golf equipment the best and he hit it very well. The kid could be VERY good at golf if he wanted to. But I say that about every sport he tries. Looks like soccer is the lucky sport that gets him.

I'm in for a very fun day. April Fools favorite holiday! I have learned about not doing mean tricks. I just got Preston! I had him check where he is sitting because that is where the cat was puking last night. He was checking and grossing out for a moment...April Fools. Much nicer than setting the spray nozzle to "spray"...maybe?

See you tomorrow.