Thursday, March 24, 2011

Piano cat.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was Hansen and Lillie's last piano lesson with Kacy. Their teacher is quitting teaching to head off to Europe for a bit then head off to college. The kids have enjoyed their time with Kacy and we wish her tons of success. Now that they are done with lessons, what next you may ask? Well, neither little will be rushing out to find a new piano teacher, I think they are ready for a break. I won't be surprised if they take it up again someday, but we won't be forcing the issue right now. So for now, the only one playing the piano at our house will be the cat:

Nope, this is not our cat or our piano. I found this picture on the Internet.

Today I will be art docent in Lillie's class. We are doing a collage as our month is artist Robert Rauschenberg. The Spongebob picture below is just there so if I need to access if from Lillie's class, I know where it is. Yup, why not have a little fun with this and throw Spongebob into the mix?
See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

For a minute, I thought you got a new cat. Art docent sounds like fun!