Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Look Mom, no braces!

Good morning it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a day Preston has been looking forward to for a long time. The removal of his braces! Maren had to work late late last night so she brought him in to the orthodontist early in the morning for braces removal.

This was the sign in the office welcoming newbies and celebrating those who have made it. Preston's name is 4th down on the right.

Maren took this picture of Preston as well. He got a ton on prizes and such as well. His orthodontist gives prizes at braces removal for those who take good care of their teeth and such. His prize bag consisted of chewy candy, popcorn, a gift card to Kent Station, and cash! Yeah...I was thinking the cash should go to the parents, but I guess it was the deal and Preston did do a good job with his braces. Next for him is retainers. He had a bar put on the bottoms and will get a retainer for the tops. I think he was enjoying the feeling of actual teeth!

Picking up Preston from school he was all smiles!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Oh my goodness, Preston is more handsome than ever. Look at that smile! Wow! Congrats!

Bernice said...

Congratulations Preston - you must have done a great job of caring for your teeth when the braces were on. What a smile - that tells it all.

sussah said...

Preston's smile is great. All they did when I got my braces off was to make another mold of the whole set of teeth, for before and after, on display in their office. Parents deserve congratulations too, with making the decision, all the trips, and also the cost. love, susanna