Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Leprechaun?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday after school I went over to the kids' school to hang up the SpongeBob collages we made last Friday. The wall looks great! I don't know how I did it, but I think I strained my left hamstring while hanging the artwork. do you injure your leg hanging art??? Well, I can tell you that creating a decent looking wall display of a bunch of art is not so easy...and it can be dangerous as well! I will be fine in a couple of days, no worries.

There was a wall near Lillie's room that was covered in these very cute stories and pictures of the students catching a Leprechaun. They are a cutout picture pasted on a drawing...very cute. Most of the kids were just standing there, arm out to the side, but looking like a deer in headlights...not our Lillie. She had her sassy little, "I caught a Leprechaun" look all thought out while whoever took the picture was taking the picture. Tonight Preston has a band concert. After school (before the band concert) is "demo day" at Jade Green Golf Course. I think will take Preston and we will check out all the latest and greatest golf equipment and get to hit lots of golf balls and such. Should be fun.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Well, that's the story of getting older - things keep happening that wouldn't have happened when you were younger. Tsk! Cute pic of Lillie. Have fun at the golf course!