Monday, February 07, 2011

Super something.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was Superday. Super football game, super commercials, super lunch, super halftime show, super snacks, super TV. OK, that is overdoing it all just a bit...but hey, that is what the Fox network wants us to believe, so it must be true! Super lunch? Yup, KFC's Superbowl meal deal, super yum!

The night before last I spent some time re-doing the whole TV configuration. The TV was on an extended stand and the actual TV was about a foot from the wall. I mounted it to the wall with a stand beneath just for the stuff and it is SO much nicer. The wires are showing, so I may eventually hide them in the wall, or not. This picture is my view of the TV for much of the game. The kids came down for the halftime show and for the commercials, so they got quite a show! I liked the VW/Darth Vader commercial...very funny. There were tons of good commercials weren't there? I have the last round of the Phoenix Open recorded so I will be watching that sometime as well.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The TV looks great on the wall. Where's Narmer?

Julian's Blog said...

Narmer is in the hallway for a few days...looking for a perfect place for him, maybe in the art room?

sussah said...

I loved the VW ad, but didn't like the ones where people would throw cans of pepsi at people's heads. that's wonderful about the tv set! love, susanna