Friday, February 25, 2011

Spinning my wheels

Good morning, it is Friday.

My thermometer reads 18 degrees and there is snow everywhere except on the school is on regular schedule. As much as I wish I could let the kids sleep a bit longer (like for a 2 hour delay), I am happy to be back to school. I really don't need to do much to be happy, but I do like to get out for just a little. Snow days are usually spent at home. But I did get out my bicycle for a ride:
Here is my indoor bike spot, on rollers next to the back door.
And my snowy view as I pedaled along yesterday.
Lillie even took my picture with my phone. Then she took lots of pictures with my phone because in that instant that I taught her to use my camera, she instantly became an expert!
I don't really know what these Barbies are doing, but it was one of the pictures I found on my phone.

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

Absolutely love the Barbies. Great photo Lillie!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of you bicycling, but AWESOME pic of the Barbies!