Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shredder and Taxes...not in the same sentence?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

The other day I started our taxes and Maren brought home a shredder! WooHoo! Both are actually kind of exciting...and they go hand in hand. You see, we have never had a shredder nor have we ever done our taxes! Just joking, we always do our taxes, and the older I get it seems that I was just doing last year's taxes the other day! The results are usually about the same...I do all these deductions, save all our receipts, answer all of TaxCut's questions, then at the end I have $300.00 less deductions than the standard deduction for our bracket and just take the standard deduction. Every year I say I will just take the standard right off the bat and save lots of time and energy, but then I go through the steps and I do it again to the same exact result. Maybe next year, but I doubt it. We will get a nice little refund which is always great. We used to get huge refunds, but when I took my job at the school I decided to have very little with holdings, so my monthly checks are a little bigger, but our refund is smaller.

The kids get a huge kick out of the shredder...especially the warning about how there have been over 50 reported cases of fingers being shredded by littles who stick their hands in the opening! We will try to stay away from that peril. The shredder fits perfectly next to my desk and is sure to be a help in my desk clutter rather than just another "thing" in the house...right? Lets hope. Here is a picture:

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

I'm going through the same thing - have had a shredder for a few years, and now with income tax coming up, and so many papers that your grandpa left that I can get rid of, the shredder will be put to good use. Enjoy it - it does come in handy!!!

sussah said...

How far back are we supposed to be keeping our tax documents? People's houses start filling up with the stuff. good luck, love, susanna