Friday, February 18, 2011

The other Washington.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night we were running around getting things done and Hansen decided to let me take him to get his hair cut! It is just a still looks quite long, but it is not as shaggy as it was before, so I think it looks nice. I tried to take a picture for the blog, but he said, "It's bad enough getting a haircut, now you want to take a picture? Nope!" So I didn't push it and you don't have a picture.

Today Maren and I are flying to Washington D.C. Maren is being flown out and given a hotel room for this year's Science Book and Film Awards. I'm just tagging along, my main job is to smile and look pretty...something I am very good at! We went to the same event last year in San Diego. Of course, San Diego was a nice short flight to some very warm weather. D.C. should be nice too. I have never been there so I am excited to check it out! We will be back on Monday. Carol is coming out to our house to take care of the kids while we are gone, and I can tell you that they [the kids] are very happy about this change. They will get a full dose of the kids and their schedules, I hope they still like them come Monday afternoon:)

See you when we get back.


Bernice said...

Washington DC is a great place. See as much as you can and enjoy
every minute.
The kids will have a ball with their grandparents, and I think that their grandparents will love being with them.

sussah said...

Have fun! (everybody)... love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Have a great time!