Friday, February 04, 2011

Look at [Julian].

Good morning, it is Friday.

Well, still no pictures of a totally set up TV system. We are watching and enjoying, but in a big mess! Today will be the day to consolidate everything and do some cleaning up. Maybe a picture tomorrow.

But never fear, I won't leave you with nothing. This is a big flash card in a set I use along with other reading program stuff to teach kindergartner students to read. Yikes, I never actually realized until just now that I am actually teaching real live kids to actually read. Scary huh? Well, you have the kids learn the sounds, then read the word, then ask questions that go along with a book or whatever. I got a big kick out of this card because if you read the sentence after the word "he", the question is "Look at [Julian]. What is he doing? (He is [reading]). Of course you can substitute the name and action...but why would you want to?

See you tomorrow.

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