Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a trip to the dentist for Preston and me. I left work an hour and a half early and picked up Preston, then over to Fairwood to dentist land. This was the first time ever that Preston's appointment lasted longer than mine. Yay for me! It is probably because Preston has braces and he also got sealants on three molars that have popped through. The good news is that neither of us have any cavities to report and our teeth are looking great! I gave my hygienist and the dentist a good laugh because I was expressing that I felt that my sonicare toothbrush doesn't seem to do a good job...I guess it is a boy want to grind the grime off our teeth rather than just let the toothbrush do the cleaning. Apparently it is doing great, in fact my gums looked better than last time? But I say it just doesn't push hard enough...they just said to keep using it and stay away from any brushes I might use to clean my golf clubs.

I took a nice picture of Preston getting his sealants in which meant two hygienists working on his teeth. But when I showed it to Maren she practically jumped back and said, "AAACK!!!". So I didn't post it. I think the pic is fine and maybe Maren is just a bit paranoid of the dentist:) Yup.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your good dental report. I'm with Maren - I'm happy to imagine Preston in the dentist chair, thank you.