Monday, January 03, 2011

Today is 2011!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy 20th wedding anniversary Maren!

Happy 11th birthday Hansen!

Back to school on Maren and my 20th wedding anniversary and Hansen's 11th wrong is that? Well, that is what it is, and were getting ready for work and school. Here are a few pictures:

A picture of Maren and I from over 20 years ago. We were so cute!
Hansen getting ready to blow out his candles at his family party last night.

Opening presents...the buffer of space between him and the other kids shortly disappeared and Hansen was getting plenty of help. Hansen made out very well this birthday! Shoes, PSP games, cash and gift cards, and even a can of Hansen's Soda! hurray!

Yes, we watched the Seahawks make history last night while enjoying Hansen's birthday party. The first team ever to win their division and make the playoff with a loosing record. "Ha" to all you better teams watching the playoffs from your couch.
And this was a BIG surprise for Maren. Because Maren's family will be in Mexico on her birthday and she leaves for San Diego in a week, and we really didn't want to wait to give her her big "I'm 40 now" gift until after her birthday, so she got her birthday present last night too. Yes, a new ipad! Everyone pitched in and we were able to get her a whopper of a gift. It is even engraved on the back, "Happy 40th birthday Maren! We love you!" Hansen didn't mind the surprise for Maren as he was in on it, thanks for sharing your birthday party Hansen!

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Never put "were" and "cute" in the same sentence! You and Maren are cuter than ever. And forty sounds pretty young from over here. happy anniversary, and also happy birthday to Hansen, love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Hansen! Happy Anniversary, Julian and Maren! Happy New Year! And way to go, Seahawks!