Sunday, January 02, 2011

Party time, excellent!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Last night we were invited to Stef's boyfriend's sister-in-law's house for a "meet the family" gathering. Derek's family was very nice and everyone was getting along great. Then it was game time. Charades was the chosen game. Everyone gathered in the big room and we started. Maren and I had "soccer" guessed it, we accomplished this one is 2 seconds! The game went around until we got to Stef and Derek. Stef drew a "will you marry me" card or something because next thing you know, Derek is down on one knee proposing to Stef! She said "yes", but what I heard from the other side of the room was "blabber, blabber, smoochie, smoochie, blabber, blabber", then lots of "yays" and hugs.

Here is a phone picture of the happy engaged couple. Congrats Stef and Derek! The story goes that on the drive to the party, Stef told Derek that the only game she really didn't want to play was Charades...Derek had to make up a story about it being his sister-in-law's favorite game and they couldn't let her down. Then of course, the kids were upstairs playing and Lillie and Claire knew this was the reason for the event...Lillie and Claire came down 5 minutes late with scowls on their faces, so Stef and Derek had to go upstairs and "reenact" the whole scene for Lillie and Claire.

We also partied earlier in the day as we were invited to an open house party at a friend's (Robin) house. Lots of friends from Maren's library world as well as friends of mine were there. We got to talk libraries, golf, football, and whatever...we had a great time, even the kids had fun! Both parties were very fun and both parties had a big crock pot of meat balls that I enjoyed very much!

Tonight, Hansen's 11th birthday party!

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Hansen! And congrats to Stef and Derek!

Amber said...

Exactly what mom said!!!

Anonymous said...

January 3rd: Happy 20th Anniversary!!!! Congrats!!!!