Monday, January 10, 2011


Good morning, it is Monday.

We survived the weekend without Maren. As I type she is in SanDiego getting ready to hear which books won all the awards! Of course, she is working her bum off this weekend, but she is working her bum off in SanDiego! Sounds like she is having a good time, but staying too busy.

Yesterday John and Carol took all three kids out to lunch at The Old Country Buffet after church. Thanks! I stayed to take part of the church vote to stay or leave the ELCA. Afterwards I visited my friend Larry. We moved a couch, talked Seahawks, and had a nice visit. His wife is hanging out with Maren in SanDiego.

The ELCA vote was interesting. It seems there are many reasons to leave association with the ELCA, and it is clear the majority of the congregation is voting that way. I'm not really with the majority on some of the issues, but it is what it is.

See you tomorrow.

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