Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Years!

Good morning, it is Saturday.


Last night (or this morning) we brought in the new years in our usual "lack of style". Staying up watching Elf and The Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin show. Then it was time for sparkling cider to toast in the new year and banging pots and pans to wake up all the sleeping folks in the neighborhood. Of course, the neighbor's behind us blowing up fireworks probably didn't help either.
Here are the kids with their pans getting ready to make some noise.

Yesterday while Preston was out hanging with friends, Maren and I took the littles and Lily (Lillie's friend) out to lunch and to a movie. Here are the Lillians poking they eyes of this movie prop guy...the eyes did look like perfect finger poking eyes...yikes.
Me and my new buddy.
The Lillians enjoying lunch in their own booth. They didn't plan the very similar sweat jackets, the similar boots, or the same just turned out like that, freaky huh?

Here is to 2011!

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

And it was just 10-10-10. Happy New Year to all of you. love, susanna