Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Maren and Mom!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Happy 40th birthday to my Maren!

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Yup, it is that day again, mom's birthday and Maren's birthday. I have never ever not lived with a Jan 19th birthday person. Here are a couple of pics of birthday girls with their birthday gifts:
This is a 40 year old Maren flipping virtual pages on her i-pad. Her family and I pitched in and got this engraved i-pad for her 40th. We don't even have a flat screen TV, so this is pretty fancy for our birthday girl. After today, and for 10 more years I won't mention Maren's age, but when you turn 40...oh lordy!
And this is my mom with he birthday present...and my dad. Yup, a Snuggie. The box is the same size as the box the i-pad came in (maybe even bigger!) so it's a tie! When I was down in Florida a few weeks ago, Mom had never even heard of a Snuggie, and she needed one! Haha, like anyone NEEDS a snuggie! It's the blanket that has sleeves (it is fun to say that).

Yesterday I received a package from my parents with my shoes, watch, and water bottle that I left in Florida by accident. Carefully packaged along with my lost things were these great wooden statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. These were my Grandpas. He had these statues way back when my brother and I visited 30 years ago! Eric and I were having a pillow fight for some strange reason and a pillow went flying and hit Don Quixote to the the hard that his spear broke. My grandpa gave us a glare, then carefully taped up the spear and I knew right then that these were two little wooden statues that he really liked. Bernice gave these to me after Grandpa died. Thanks Bernice!

I also had a great time on Jury Duty! I met a couple of great folks, including having lunch with the husband of a fellow high school graduate friend of Maren. We had met at their 20th high school reunion and it was great to catch up. The folks in the jury holding room/cell got to watch Social Networking, which I also enjoyed. Now my duty is was like a mini vacation!

See you tomorrow...and one last Happy birthday to Maren and Mom!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Julian - I love my Snuggie. Happy 40th birthday, Maren, and congrats on the i-pad. I'm glad the package with grandpa's statues arrived safely - I know he'd be happy that you have them.

sussah said...

Happy Birthday to Maren and Ellen! and many happy returns. love, sp