Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Golden Peacock.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Maren and I had a very nice 20th Anniversary dinner along with the kids. Of course it was Hansen's 11th birthday dinner too! We had a very nice day and it was nice to get all the "Congratulations" postings on FB.

I read that the traditional gift for 20th wedding anniversary is the gift of China. Not seeing the need for fancy dishes in our house, I opted for Chinese food! Yup, for our 20th anniversary dinner and for Hansen's 11th birthday dinner, we headed out to The Golden Peacock in Fairwood. This place never disappoints!

Maren and I out front, freezing!
Maren and I trying to get a picture of just us...isn't happening, you can see Lillie giving Maren bunny ears off to the right of the picture.
Hansen enjoying his plain hamburger! He loved the tea too.
The kids love the Golden Peacock not for its great Chinese food, but for it's great hamburgers...and that you get to eat your french fries with chopsticks. Goofy kids!
Preston likes to play with chop sticks too...but realizes that a spoon works well too. Preston had actual Chinese food along with Maren and I. Somewhere along the way he lost a chop stick, and we never found it even after extensive searches, wacky.
This pic is so you can see how cold it has been. I took this picture after I walked home from work, before I started scraping ice to pick up Preston and Connor from school. Yup, still this cold in the afternoon! Brr.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good old Golden Peacock - we remember it well. How funny to eat French fries with chopsticks - I'll definitely have to try it. It sure looks cold there. We have the windows open and 77 degrees in the house.

sussah said...

In December we had our 31st anniversary, so we figured that was the Baskin-Robbins anniversary. Your trip to the Golden Peacock does sound like quite an occasion! love, susanna