Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Lillie learned how (or at least decided to spend some time doing) putting her own hair in braids. She got off the bus with one cool braid going right down her forehead, but once home she just disappeared for a while. Then came down with two very nice braids:

It is weird how the picture looks blue in the background...it must be from the streetlight outside because our house has been browns and reds for some time now. Lillie even had the little ribbons done perfectly without help!
In the evening we had to bring Preston and three of his soccer buddies to and from practice. The littles and I ended up at Payless shoes and Gamestop. Lillie got some plain white sneakers for her hip-hop auditions this afternoon (which won't happen if the snow forecast is correct) and a cute pair of little black pumps with a peace logo on them. I am kind of surprised that all these bright shoes of today don't do much for her...she likes her shoes a little fancy, but without lights. The picture is of my new shoes...that's right, a pair of imitation shape-ups for boys. Heck, if Joe Montana can wear them, why not me. I'm hoping the huge heal cushion makes my walk to, during, and from work nicer. My feet never hurt from running (even without shoes) because I land on the balls of my feet, but walking I hit my heels and after a bit it hurts...Here's to squishy comfort...and being taller than Preston when he has his shoes off!

See you tomorrow.

PS. If you read my blog early yesterday, it was about ELCA and stuff...well, I thought about it more and will be relaxing about the whole thing a bit and...yeah. So I changed the post a little, that is why I remind myself to avoid such topics on my blog...too polarizing, and very often subject to change, but once it is out there, it's out there.

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Ellen said...

Yikes, don't fall off those shoes! Very cute braids. We'll be waiting to hear about the hip-hop auditions...or snow.