Monday, January 24, 2011


Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday after church we went with the youth group for family bowling. There was a good turn out and we all got pizza and pop too!
Here is Preston. He totally bombed his first game, but came around in game two and beat me! Knowing he had me beat in the last frame of the last game, he went for a showboat between the legs huh? We don't have that one on camera.
Hansen letting on fly. He finished his day with a spare and a strike! On the way to bowling he was texting a friend...we all got a good laugh because he told them we were going boweling by accident...yikes!
Lillie and her pink ball. She had a few really good shots! And her dance for knocking down pins was the best of the bunch.
Maren didn't bowl, but she did spectate. In this picture it looks like she just hung out all by herself, but no, there were plenty of other moms just watching and hanging out too.
Hansen and Lillie and their favorite balls. They didn't trust them to the ball hopper, they kept them with them when it wasn't their turn.
And now for the scores! Yep, we are not going pro anytime soon, but we did have fun. If you look closely, you can see the names Preston made up for us. I'm thinking a custom made ball and a weekly game and I could really be dangerous...not!

See you tomorrow.

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