Thursday, January 06, 2011

And the Mock Newbery winner is?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night I took Hansen to the Covington Library to participate in a Mock Newbery 2011 awards competition. He and his class have read all the books on the list, in fact Hansen is part of a group of kids that get a pizza party today for reading every nominated Newbery book for 2011...pretty impressive! So back to last night, the kids got to go up and speak their minds about the books they liked and disliked and such. It was very impressive.

Here are the KCLS Librarians (not Maren...but she does leave tomorrow for ALA and will see the actual Newbery and other awards live!) introducing the program and the books.
This is the group that Hansen went up with to talk book. Hansen is on the far right in this picture and he did a good job with his 12 second speech. The biggest and closest vote was between the The Clockwork Three and They Called Themselves The KKK. All the kids loved The Clockwork Three as an amazing book to read, and many loved They Called Themselves The KKK as a book that was very well written about a horrific group that needs to be read. The Clockwork Three won that battle by a single vote, then went on to easily beat The Kneebone Boy in the finals. So, the winner of this year's Mock Newbery at the Covington Library as voted by the kids was...The Clockwork Three. Maren kind of thinks that One Crazy Summer might win the real Newbery prize in a few days.

As a bonus for attending the program lasts night, the kids got to pick out a few books to keep! Hansen found a few winners and I was able to bring Lillie a few books too!

A special thanks to KCLS and Hansen's teacher Mrs. Ramsey who encouraged the kids to read and participate in the Mock Newbery...they even had a field trip earlier to participate in a bigger Mock Newbery at the KCLS service at the end of last year. Here is a link to the KCLS program from a month ago along with reviews and book stuff:
Hansen wrote a review of The Clockwork Three that can be found by clicking the title and reading the comments on the previous page, or by following this link and scrolling down to the third of 8 comments:

See you tomorrow.


Matthew J. Kirby said...

Wow! I'm honored, and so happy that the children enjoyed reading THE CLOCKWORK THREE. My thanks to them, as well as my admiration for their hard work in reading all the other nominated titles.

Best wishes,
Matthew J. Kirby

Bernice said...

Congratulations Hansen - your great grandpa would be so....proud of you, as I am. And Julian, you definitely hit the big time - having the author read your blog. I'm impressed!!!

Amber said...

Hansen, I loved your official review! I'll definitely have to pick up this book.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to have the mock awards, and that you got Matthew J. Kirby's comment!

Shannon said...

Wow! You HAVE hit the big time! I just put "The Clockwork Three" and "They Called Themselves the Ku Klux Klan" on hold.