Friday, January 28, 2011

2nd Annual Art Walk at GL

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night was the Art Walk at GL. I was one of the featured Art Docents! In fact, when all the docents were lined up in the front of the huge crowd, thanks to Preston, Maren, Lillie's teacher and a few others...I had way too loud of a fan club. Like way louder than anyone else...good for me! The event was lots of fun and I will walk you through a few pictures below:
Here I am with my special "Docent" sun clipped to my shirt.
There was a scavenger hunt, you had to find a "gator" on a piece of art, write the student artist's name on the sheet, and all who finished the sheet got a prize! Preston and Lillie went their own way as the art was displayed both on hallway walls and in classrooms. Maren helped Hansen...I think she was having fun.
And what is a "gator" you may ask? Well, Hansen was one of the featured gator artists. Here is a piece of his work with a gator attached. Box number 2.
This is the latest work we did in Lillie's class. One of Mrs. Behren's volunteer helper moms did the display for me. She always does a great job, the wall always looks great. Making good looking displays is not an easy thing, the displays are works of art in themselves!
This is a procedure paper Lillie had to do on how to blow a bubble. It is very cute, as were the rest of the classes. Writing procedures is not always that easy for second graders, way to go Lillie.
And Lastly, Lillie got a new back pack a couple of days ago. We had a little argument about who would write her name on it, but she won this round and sharpied a very nice Lillian S. right on the top.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pic of the docent. Congrats to Lillie on the nifty new backpack!