Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jewelry party.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night Maren and Lillie had a Jewelery party to attend. It was hosted at Maren's cousin's house. I drove Maren and Lillie there, then Hansen and I went to the mall to check out a few stores. I purchased some hardware to hook the tool box to the truck, and Hansen bought a used game for some game system. We also checked out a new Dick's Sporting Goods store. It had all kinds of great things to browse while killing time to go back and pick up the girls. But enough about us...what did Hansen and I actually find when getting back to the jewelry party?
Maren and her mom covered in "bling" and sifting through jewelry catalogs.
Lillie and her cousin Claire "ooohhhing and aaahhhing" over all the jewelry.
And Miles just hoping Hansen would show up and show him a few tricks on his Nintendo.

Today many of the jewelry girls will be back together as they go wedding dress shopping with Stef. I think Hansen and I will miss that party too!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, January 28, 2011

2nd Annual Art Walk at GL

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night was the Art Walk at GL. I was one of the featured Art Docents! In fact, when all the docents were lined up in the front of the huge crowd, thanks to Preston, Maren, Lillie's teacher and a few others...I had way too loud of a fan club. Like way louder than anyone else...good for me! The event was lots of fun and I will walk you through a few pictures below:
Here I am with my special "Docent" sun clipped to my shirt.
There was a scavenger hunt, you had to find a "gator" on a piece of art, write the student artist's name on the sheet, and all who finished the sheet got a prize! Preston and Lillie went their own way as the art was displayed both on hallway walls and in classrooms. Maren helped Hansen...I think she was having fun.
And what is a "gator" you may ask? Well, Hansen was one of the featured gator artists. Here is a piece of his work with a gator attached. Box number 2.
This is the latest work we did in Lillie's class. One of Mrs. Behren's volunteer helper moms did the display for me. She always does a great job, the wall always looks great. Making good looking displays is not an easy thing, the displays are works of art in themselves!
This is a procedure paper Lillie had to do on how to blow a bubble. It is very cute, as were the rest of the classes. Writing procedures is not always that easy for second graders, way to go Lillie.
And Lastly, Lillie got a new back pack a couple of days ago. We had a little argument about who would write her name on it, but she won this round and sharpied a very nice Lillian S. right on the top.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The park!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a very nice weather day. The sun was shining and it may have gotten to 50 degrees! I rode my bike to work, then home for lunch, then back to work, and home again...Jiggity Jig. It was so much nicer than walking with a big umbrella. After school it was piano lessons for the littles. Over the winter we have been stuck in the lesson room, trying to sit still while waiting for our lessons. Yesterday was the first day in months that it was light enough and warm enough to walk to the local park while Hansen was having is lesson. Lillie was so excited and wanted me to take pictures of her doing everything! Of course there are not pictures of us hopping on one foot to the park, or moon walking to the park, or trying not to step on cracks, as to save our mother's backs.

As you can see from the pictures, it was actually quite dark. My cell phone does OK at taking pictures in the dark, and I actually like the way these look with Lillie's pink jacket and blue boots...being adjusted by the computer so it is not just a dark screen.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No picture day.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a go go go day. After school I took Preston to his orthodontist appointment...only we were 23 hours late. Yup, his appointment was for the day before at 4:30 pm. They found room to see him, which was great! He is in the final stretch of his braces!

Then it was home for two minutes and off to Lillie's hip hop dance class. She is such a cute little hip hop dancer. At the end of class the parents got to come in and see a mini performance. I took a picture, but it has the whole rest of the class in it too, so maybe not so good to post them all on the blog. I also got to talk to Bernice on the phone during dance class. I now have Don Quixote and Sancho Panza displayed in the same way that Grandpa did:)

Once home it was relax for a few minutes and enjoy dinner with the family. Then over to my neighbor/friend's house to help replace a busted toilet in his house. So as every quick home repair job goes, it took about an hour. But everything worked as it should. The new toilet has a very cool water system with a bucket inside the tank part that uses very little water.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Look what greeted me at work yesterday afternoon:

Yup, a Starbucks hot chocolate! Starbucks hot chocolate is my favorite. This is from Kelly, she has a child in our school and is a friend from church. Thanks!

Last night John and Carol stopped by for a nice visit. They came with stories of nice weather and memories of a very nice vacation. They were also bearing gifts from their vacation in Mexico. Thanks John and Carol! I should have gotten a picture of the boys with their new soccer jerseys or Lillie with her necklace, but instead, the only picture I have is:
The new tool box I purchased for my pick-up truck. Yup, while Carol visited with Maren, Hansen, and Lillie (Preston went to soccer practice) I took John out for a 20 minute adventure. I have been looking for a tool box for the back of the pick-up truck on the cheap and close. This one popped up on Craigslist a while ago, then again yesterday for cheaper. I met the fellow (like a 20's guy) in the Safeway parking lot and purchased this plastic truck box for $30.00. These tool boxes are more like $250.00 new, and who knows if I will really like it, so as it turned out, I had a nice adventure with John (in his old pick-up truck), and got a screaming deal on a tool box. The lock keys are missing, but that is fine, really it will be used mainly to hold soccer gear on the way to a soccer game or valuables will ever be left in don't go breaking into this tool box you tool box breaker-inners.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday after church we went with the youth group for family bowling. There was a good turn out and we all got pizza and pop too!
Here is Preston. He totally bombed his first game, but came around in game two and beat me! Knowing he had me beat in the last frame of the last game, he went for a showboat between the legs huh? We don't have that one on camera.
Hansen letting on fly. He finished his day with a spare and a strike! On the way to bowling he was texting a friend...we all got a good laugh because he told them we were going boweling by accident...yikes!
Lillie and her pink ball. She had a few really good shots! And her dance for knocking down pins was the best of the bunch.
Maren didn't bowl, but she did spectate. In this picture it looks like she just hung out all by herself, but no, there were plenty of other moms just watching and hanging out too.
Hansen and Lillie and their favorite balls. They didn't trust them to the ball hopper, they kept them with them when it wasn't their turn.
And now for the scores! Yep, we are not going pro anytime soon, but we did have fun. If you look closely, you can see the names Preston made up for us. I'm thinking a custom made ball and a weekly game and I could really be dangerous...not!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red Robin...and beer?

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night we headed to Red Robin for dinner. Maren had a Free Burger coupon she had received via e-mail from Red Robin for her birthday...Yum! This was the first time in a long time that we had all 5 of us as usually Preston is off with friends and Maren and I take the littles out. Well, we learned that Hansen is no longer a "little" in the eyes of Red Robin. Yup, the kids menu is for those 10 and under. So now it is only Lillie with a kid's menu...Preston and Hansen are eating off the adult menu. Yikes.
Here we have Lillie pretending to sneak Preston's drink while a laser eyed Hansen is giving his sister "bunny ears". Yup, this is about as good as a group picture with the kids gets these days.
Last night while Hansen and Lillie were over at friend's houses, Preston was napping on the couch, and Maren was getting ready for a day long class she is teaching right now...I headed to Fred Meyer's to pick up some milk. Late Friday night is the time to go shopping if you want to have the store empty except for the very few losers who are doing their shopping Friday night! Haha, I fit right in. But really, the place was empty. I took a picture of this huge Coor's Light display...suspended TVs, a stadium chair, tons of beer, and a football field! Wow! If the Seahawks or the Saints were still in the running, I would really need a new TV! I guess now I only need the beer! This weekend I think I will root for the Jets, I kind of like the Sanchez kid.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Henri Matisse

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was my day to Art Docent in Lillie's class. I've never got to do a project based on Henri Matisse, so we did a collage based on Beasts Of The Sea. In his later years he would paint paper to get the color he wanted, then use scissors to create the shapes. We used construction paper. I had several questions like, "What will we be painting?", then, "Can we paint it when we are done?", and lastly with sad eyes, "So, it is art day and we are not painting?" That's right, no paint...gasp! Actually I thought it went great. You can still totally see the kid's personalities in their organization of their bright colors, and their art skill and vision in their cut-outs. I think the kids enjoyed the collage way more than they thought they would as well.

Here is Lillie sketching a cut-out.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's all about the cake.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday Maren had a nice quite birthday party with very little fan fare at home. Just the way she said she wanted it. We ordered take out Chinese food for the adults and McD's for the kids, then watched the first episode of this season's American Idol. But even with the most relaxed party, you got to have a cake! So here it is, a very fancy Cold Stone cake with her name and age on top and Happy Birthday around the sides. Cool...and yummy!

Of course Maren got to open her cards and enjoy the dozens of birthday wishes on Facebook. She was a virtual rock star for the day.

This afternoon I will be doing my art docent duties in Lillie's class. We will be doing a collage based on Henri Matisse's Beasts Of The Sea. I just enjoy saying, "Henri Matisse" in a horrible but loud french accent.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Maren and Mom!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Happy 40th birthday to my Maren!

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Yup, it is that day again, mom's birthday and Maren's birthday. I have never ever not lived with a Jan 19th birthday person. Here are a couple of pics of birthday girls with their birthday gifts:
This is a 40 year old Maren flipping virtual pages on her i-pad. Her family and I pitched in and got this engraved i-pad for her 40th. We don't even have a flat screen TV, so this is pretty fancy for our birthday girl. After today, and for 10 more years I won't mention Maren's age, but when you turn 40...oh lordy!
And this is my mom with he birthday present...and my dad. Yup, a Snuggie. The box is the same size as the box the i-pad came in (maybe even bigger!) so it's a tie! When I was down in Florida a few weeks ago, Mom had never even heard of a Snuggie, and she needed one! Haha, like anyone NEEDS a snuggie! It's the blanket that has sleeves (it is fun to say that).

Yesterday I received a package from my parents with my shoes, watch, and water bottle that I left in Florida by accident. Carefully packaged along with my lost things were these great wooden statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. These were my Grandpas. He had these statues way back when my brother and I visited 30 years ago! Eric and I were having a pillow fight for some strange reason and a pillow went flying and hit Don Quixote to the the hard that his spear broke. My grandpa gave us a glare, then carefully taped up the spear and I knew right then that these were two little wooden statues that he really liked. Bernice gave these to me after Grandpa died. Thanks Bernice!

I also had a great time on Jury Duty! I met a couple of great folks, including having lunch with the husband of a fellow high school graduate friend of Maren. We had met at their 20th high school reunion and it was great to catch up. The folks in the jury holding room/cell got to watch Social Networking, which I also enjoyed. Now my duty is was like a mini vacation!

See you tomorrow...and one last Happy birthday to Maren and Mom!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

We did have a nice relaxing weekend. Yesterday Preston thought he was waking up at 11:00 am, but in reality it was more like 1:00 pm. I couldn't sleep that much if my life depended on it! Lillie got to spend time playing with her good friend Lily! Maren got to relax some too. Yes, I did get the floors mopped. Here are just a couple of random pictures from yesterday:

You have to look closely at this picture. Ranger decided that Hansen was the perfect place to hang out, he didn't even mind that Hansen would put his cell phone on his head, then have Preston text him to see if he could freak Ranger out. Ranger thought the game was fun.
Driving home from a quick trip to the store and to pick up Lillie from Lily's house, we saw this amazing rainbow. Time to turn off the rain and the flooding and have a few dry days! I would have washed the cars, but I didn't want to jinx it.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

This morning the boys and Maren are still snoozing away. I'm not sure there is even a wake-up time in sight. Lillie and I are hanging down stairs, she is watching Sleeping Beauty and I am avoiding cleaning, sweeping and mopping the floors...but for how long? It's been two days so far :)

While we have today off of school in honor of MLK day, the schools had their assemblies on Friday. My school had a very nice assembly with coral readings, singing, and a speaker who was great. He is now the head of the ESL department for the school district, but grew up one of the youngest in a large family of migrant workers. Traveling yearly from Texas to Eastern Washington. He told how through education, support, and opportunity he was able to become a teacher and then an administrator.

Last night Lillie and I went to the $3.00 movie theatre to see Megamind. Maren stayed home to watch some red carpet award show and the boys chose not to come. Their loss...Megamind was very fun. I think next time they may choose to come? Probably not.

Tomorrow I report for Jury Duty!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, January 14, 2011

What's your sign?

Good morning, it is Friday.

In case you have not heard, the zodiac signs for the world are a changing! They say the stars have shifted over the last 2000 years and not only are the signs changing, there is a new sign too. Here is a new list, as printed by a friend, so if it is not perfect...don't blame me:

...CANCER = JULY 21 - AUG 9

For my whole life I was a Libra. I kind of liked being a Libra, but now I am a Virgo! I think I will like being a Virgo even more. From the short blurb I read, I just got a free license to be even more fussy...and if you ask Maren, fussy is something I am good at. From the blurb above, Maren is still a Capricorn. According to everything I had ever seen over the years, Libras and Capricorns are not really very compatible and Maren and I just don't look at astrology stuff to guide us. But now that I'm a Virgo, we are very compatible!!! After being married for over 20 years, it is nice to finally be compatible! Haha.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maren's home!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Maren is home from ALA!!! She brought home tons of books and blistered feet (but I won't show you a picture of her blistered feet):

Yup, she mailed home three boxes of books and carried a ton as well. Maren and Judy were lucky enough to be able to switch to an earlier flight yesterday, getting in around 3:00pm, well before the snow. At this point the show is melting as it turned to rain, but last night at 8:00pm when they were scheduled to get in, it was real snow.
Besides just books, Maren usually comes home with plenty of snifty bags as well.

Before we got to see Maren, Lillie had her hip hop class tryouts. She did great! Now she is in a hip hop class...and just in time to be eligible for the recital. Yup, Lillie has been in a Dance Arts recital four years in a row, this year she got back into dance in time to make it five years in a row come June.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Lillie learned how (or at least decided to spend some time doing) putting her own hair in braids. She got off the bus with one cool braid going right down her forehead, but once home she just disappeared for a while. Then came down with two very nice braids:

It is weird how the picture looks blue in the must be from the streetlight outside because our house has been browns and reds for some time now. Lillie even had the little ribbons done perfectly without help!
In the evening we had to bring Preston and three of his soccer buddies to and from practice. The littles and I ended up at Payless shoes and Gamestop. Lillie got some plain white sneakers for her hip-hop auditions this afternoon (which won't happen if the snow forecast is correct) and a cute pair of little black pumps with a peace logo on them. I am kind of surprised that all these bright shoes of today don't do much for her...she likes her shoes a little fancy, but without lights. The picture is of my new shoes...that's right, a pair of imitation shape-ups for boys. Heck, if Joe Montana can wear them, why not me. I'm hoping the huge heal cushion makes my walk to, during, and from work nicer. My feet never hurt from running (even without shoes) because I land on the balls of my feet, but walking I hit my heels and after a bit it hurts...Here's to squishy comfort...and being taller than Preston when he has his shoes off!

See you tomorrow.

PS. If you read my blog early yesterday, it was about ELCA and stuff...well, I thought about it more and will be relaxing about the whole thing a bit and...yeah. So I changed the post a little, that is why I remind myself to avoid such topics on my blog...too polarizing, and very often subject to change, but once it is out there, it's out there.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Good morning, it is Monday.

We survived the weekend without Maren. As I type she is in SanDiego getting ready to hear which books won all the awards! Of course, she is working her bum off this weekend, but she is working her bum off in SanDiego! Sounds like she is having a good time, but staying too busy.

Yesterday John and Carol took all three kids out to lunch at The Old Country Buffet after church. Thanks! I stayed to take part of the church vote to stay or leave the ELCA. Afterwards I visited my friend Larry. We moved a couch, talked Seahawks, and had a nice visit. His wife is hanging out with Maren in SanDiego.

The ELCA vote was interesting. It seems there are many reasons to leave association with the ELCA, and it is clear the majority of the congregation is voting that way. I'm not really with the majority on some of the issues, but it is what it is.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Party, Football, and Soccer...oh my!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday turned out to be a fun day! Here are some pics:

We got to go to cousin Maggie's 3rd birthday party! It was very fun. Maggie is a cutie for sure!
While at the party we got to see the Seahawks win! They went into this game as the worst team ever to make the play offs against last season's Superbowl champs. Congrats Seahawks! The picture above is the sports page from today's paper!

Preston had his first indoor game of the new season. This season they have to play up in the 15 year old division. The team was so nervous! They went down 0-2 quickly then relaxed after Preston make a goal on a heal flick, very cool! They went on to win 6-2 and Preston had a great game. Did I mention his game started at 9:20 PM! Yikes.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Tron Legacy.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Just barely! It is about 12:30 am and I am blogging now because I don't want to wake up early in the morning and I haven't gone to bed yet. Also, I have two kids goofing off, and one 7 year old who just crashed, so going to bed right away is not really an option. You see, we have cousin Alex over for Hansen's 11th birthday overnight and we just got back from seeing Tron Legacy (Preston is off at a friends). I must admit, I really enjoyed Tron Legacy, way more than I thought I would. In fact, it may be my favorite movie that I have seen since we went out last January to the movies on Hansen's 10th birthday and saw Avitar.This picture is of Hansen and Alex getting ready to go into the phone doesn't give kids "red-eye", it gives them "green-eye"...or these kids are possessed by aliens...or maybe both.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

And the Mock Newbery winner is?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night I took Hansen to the Covington Library to participate in a Mock Newbery 2011 awards competition. He and his class have read all the books on the list, in fact Hansen is part of a group of kids that get a pizza party today for reading every nominated Newbery book for 2011...pretty impressive! So back to last night, the kids got to go up and speak their minds about the books they liked and disliked and such. It was very impressive.

Here are the KCLS Librarians (not Maren...but she does leave tomorrow for ALA and will see the actual Newbery and other awards live!) introducing the program and the books.
This is the group that Hansen went up with to talk book. Hansen is on the far right in this picture and he did a good job with his 12 second speech. The biggest and closest vote was between the The Clockwork Three and They Called Themselves The KKK. All the kids loved The Clockwork Three as an amazing book to read, and many loved They Called Themselves The KKK as a book that was very well written about a horrific group that needs to be read. The Clockwork Three won that battle by a single vote, then went on to easily beat The Kneebone Boy in the finals. So, the winner of this year's Mock Newbery at the Covington Library as voted by the kids was...The Clockwork Three. Maren kind of thinks that One Crazy Summer might win the real Newbery prize in a few days.

As a bonus for attending the program lasts night, the kids got to pick out a few books to keep! Hansen found a few winners and I was able to bring Lillie a few books too!

A special thanks to KCLS and Hansen's teacher Mrs. Ramsey who encouraged the kids to read and participate in the Mock Newbery...they even had a field trip earlier to participate in a bigger Mock Newbery at the KCLS service at the end of last year. Here is a link to the KCLS program from a month ago along with reviews and book stuff:
Hansen wrote a review of The Clockwork Three that can be found by clicking the title and reading the comments on the previous page, or by following this link and scrolling down to the third of 8 comments:

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Golden Peacock.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Maren and I had a very nice 20th Anniversary dinner along with the kids. Of course it was Hansen's 11th birthday dinner too! We had a very nice day and it was nice to get all the "Congratulations" postings on FB.

I read that the traditional gift for 20th wedding anniversary is the gift of China. Not seeing the need for fancy dishes in our house, I opted for Chinese food! Yup, for our 20th anniversary dinner and for Hansen's 11th birthday dinner, we headed out to The Golden Peacock in Fairwood. This place never disappoints!

Maren and I out front, freezing!
Maren and I trying to get a picture of just us...isn't happening, you can see Lillie giving Maren bunny ears off to the right of the picture.
Hansen enjoying his plain hamburger! He loved the tea too.
The kids love the Golden Peacock not for its great Chinese food, but for it's great hamburgers...and that you get to eat your french fries with chopsticks. Goofy kids!
Preston likes to play with chop sticks too...but realizes that a spoon works well too. Preston had actual Chinese food along with Maren and I. Somewhere along the way he lost a chop stick, and we never found it even after extensive searches, wacky.
This pic is so you can see how cold it has been. I took this picture after I walked home from work, before I started scraping ice to pick up Preston and Connor from school. Yup, still this cold in the afternoon! Brr.

See you tomorrow.