Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lillie's tooth trauma.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday turned into one of those days you really don't want as a parent. I got a call around 12:45 at work (2nd grade math) from the nurse at Lillie's school. She said Lillie was ok, but during recess she ran into the monkey bars with her face and her mouth was all bloody and one of her permanent front teeth was very loose. I called the dentist who said to bring her in, so I left work and went to get the munchkin. The moment I saw Lillie I knew it was worse than the nurse had made it out to be...the nurse didn't know that Lillie's front two teeth were exactly the same length before the accident.

20 minutes later we were at our regular dentist's office in Fairwood. After an x-ray we realized that the teeth were not broken, but couldn't tell if one was pushed in or one way out...he didn't have the equipment to properly sedate Lillie, so he set us up with another dentist.

20 minutes later we were at a second dentist office. This dentist office is a special kids dentist who also specializes in trauma. After more x-rays and prodding, it was decided that one front tooth was chipped, the other knocked so far out of position that it needed to be braced back into place with the hope that it will reset itself.

Lillie was an excellent patient. Laughing gas helped her cause and a couple of hours later she had braces on her top front row of teeth so the neighbor teeth can just hold the falling out tooth in place. The doctor was quite happy with the condition of Lillie's lips. At first we thought she would also need several stitched to put her lips back together, but it turned out not to be the case, they should heal up on their own just fine.

We got home just in time for dinner. Lillie had mashed potatoes and a milk shake for dinner and even though she was not feeling very well, she wanted to go on with our plans of dying Easter eggs. She even cleaned up the art table to make sure we couldn't change our minds.

So last night, we dyed Easter eggs. We have 18 very fancy eggs! Here is a picture of the kids as they were starting to dye eggs. I will spare you from any up close pictures of Lillie's mouth. But when her lips heal up in a week or so, I will be sure to get some picture of her with her temporary braces. She may think they are pretty cool once the pain and swelling go down.

Today I am staying home from work to hang out with Lillie. Tomorrow she should be ready to go back to school. No gym or recess for a couple of weeks says the doctor, I guess if she re-injures the tooth in the next couple of weeks it will have a very little chance of healing itself. No gym or recess for two weeks may be tougher on Lillie than the events of yesterday!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The hail storm...

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night I took a quick trip to Fred Meyer to pick up a couple gallons of milk, some chocolate milk, some orange juice, bananas, and bread flour. At the check out, the cashier who I usually see near the back entrance asked me where I was when the huge hail storm hit earlier in the day. I don't think she was expecting my response, and I sure wasn't expecting hers. I told her how (this whole conservation took the time to ring up 10 milks, bananas, and flour...and use my coupons...not like I have a new buddy! Well, I have lots of buddies.) I was at an elementary track meet. How Hansen had just finished finishing 4th in the long jump...while the sun was still out. Then how the wind shifted and hail the size of marbles came down. How my umbrella ripped inside out, how the hail pellets actually hurt! How kids in the track meet were everywhere in tee shirts thinking this was the greatest day ever while the 2 and 3 year olds were crying and thinking they were going to die. It was a crazy storm. My story was good and we were having fun. Next, it was her story to me...her son has 4 pet ducks. They were worried that the ducks would get hurt by the huge hail, but the ducks were not about to get out of the weather, rather they were having the times of their lives trying to catch the hail in their mouths! I think she won the story contest. I paid her $27.01 and was on my way.

In case you were wondering, yes, the rest of the track meet was canceled...but Preston still had soccer practice an hour later.

I think tonight we will be dying Easter eggs.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Palms, eggs, and rain.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday at church Lillie and Hansen along with the children's choir got to sing and wave palm for both services. That meant attending both services, Sunday School, lunch, and an Easter egg hunt. We were at church for a long time and the kids really never complained. Maybe it was because Preston wasn't there? He was off winning a soccer game. He would have complained.
Here is some of the children's choir in their robes, holding palm leaves. Lillie is in the front of the picture, Hansen is toward the back.

After church was a big Easter egg hunt. The kid's baskets look empty here, but they had already emptied out the plastic eggs. Hansen is putting up with his sister for just a moment in this picture.

True to it's reputation, if you don't play in the rain in the Seattle area, you don't play outside. Here are a few girls willing to get totally wet just to get out of the house for a few minutes. That is Lillie in the back with her arms raised wide. And just because the girls go play in the rain, doesn't mean that they don't all wear pink skirts and dress cute as can be.

Today Hansen has a track meet and Preston has soccer practice. Yes, it is still raining.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Movie time.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was the last early release day this year due to conferences. Lillie and I took advantage of it by heading out to the movies. I took her to see The Princess And The Frog. It is still playing at the cheap movie theatre. It is a very cute story, a good one to rent on DVD. Hansen had the chance to come, but he decided he would rather stay home and do nothing than get a shot at a free movie. Crazy kid, the next movies he sees will be Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, that does look good. Lillie and I had a nice time, just the two of us.

Preston had a birthday party...a card playing party. These 13 year olds all know how to play poker, sounds like it was a fun time with kids just goofing off everywhere.

Who knows what today will bring, but I will remember my camera if we go anywhere fun.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bells are ringing.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night Hansen and Lillie had choir practice with the adult choir. The children's choir is singing with the adults both Palm Sunday as well as Easter Sunday. There will be no choir practice this Thursday as it is Maundy Thursday. Preston will be Acolyting on Moundy Thursday, so the kids will still be there.

One of the songs that the choirs practiced yesterday will have a bell section. Oh My...those bells are LOUD. Lillie said she could feel her gums vibrate, Hansen said he could feel his ear drums drumming, and I was loosing my will to live. Yes, they are that loud. I should have gotten a picture, but it never even crossed my mind to do anything other than duck and cover. I am sure that with the church full of people the bells wont sound so loud...and I will be sitting in the back:)

Huskies lost. Boo Hoo. But they had a great tournament. Sounders won! Here's hoping for a great season. Maren was bummed that Survivor was not on TV thanks to College Basketball.

Today should be a fun is a Friday after all.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was conferences with Hansen and Lillian's teachers. Both are doing very well. Hansen has a few minor organizational things to keep on top of, but overall a very good conference. Lillie is just motoring along at the top of her class. It is always nice to hear nice things about your kids! We stopped by the book fair on the way into school. I always give in and more books for the kids than I is not like they don't have a Librarian for a mom, but there is something about a brand new book that you just chose and really really want. And the school PTA is making a little $$$ off the deal, so it is all good.

Here is a photo of Lillie reading one of her new books to a very captive audience of dolls and stuffed animals.

Last night Preston had a band concert. John and Carol were in attendance as well as Maren. I stayed home with Hansen and Lillie, but I hear the music was top notch!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The piano, pictures, cake.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday we had the piano professionally tuned. Hansen had been complaining that it did not sound like the piano he takes his lessons on. Maren has wanted it tuned for years. The piano is a Monarch Chicago. It has been in Maren's family for 4 generations! Purchased in the early 1930's by Maren's great aunt Lillian, this piano has been well used for many many years. The tuner said that he does not see too many pianos this age worth tuning, but this one, while not being tuned for like 10 plus years, is doing ok. He recommended getting it tuned again in a year and to have him come make little tweaks as needed as some notes will not hold their tune, but overall he said if we keep it tuned it should work well for another 30 years or so.

Hansen jumped right on the newly tuned piano and belted out some Star Wars. Star Wars was probably written 50 years after this piano was made, but has been around my whole life.
Yes, we did just have bunny pictures taken with Hansen and Lillie last week, but we never had Lillie's 7 year pictures taken. She got a trip to Yuen Lui for some pics. She insisted on dressing herself, being in charge of her scraggly hair, and to some extent the poses that the photographer used. It was all fine with me, it is her 7 year pictures after all...and if some year she wishes we tried harder with hair and clothes for her pictures, I will just tell her that she took charge and this is exactly how she wanted things done. That counts for something.
The kids have been getting their report card and grades this week. They all did very well as usual. Nana left them with some ice-cream money for their hard work. We ate dinner at Costco last night and did some shopping. The kids all decided to pool their ice-cream money and buy a Costco cake! Costco cake is good, and it should last them a few days anyhow.
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hansen's first track meet.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Hansen had his first ever track meet. There were 7 schools! Big meet. He competed in the 4th grade long jump, the 4th grade relay, and the 4th grade 600 yard dash. He didn't really know what he was doing, and neither did the new coach. The 4th graders from Grass Lake nearly missed the long jump all together because they were not told what to do. I think these teams do it backwards, they should have the best coaches coach the 4th graders so the kids are all comfortable and loving track, but instead they throw the rookies out there and everyone is just confused. And as a parent you can't help the kids because the track meet is inside the gated fields and the parents are outside the gated fields. Anyhow, after a couple of weeks it will all be ironed out and working smoothly.

How did Hansen do? Great. He took 2nd place in the 4th grade long jump, ran a strong third leg of his relay race, and thought he was going to die in the 600. Actually, we all thought the 4th graders were going to die in the 600. 1st track meet of their lives and for some reason they all think that starting as fast as they can and building the biggest lead possible is the way to win the 600. Nope. Hansen now knows that if he doesn't hang out near the starting line of the 600, he probably won't have to run it. Important lessons.

Hansen was very happy with his track meet. Here he is at home with two thumbs up, or 2nd place rocks:

Here is a cute book from the book fair that I may have to buy for Hansen after his track perfomance:
See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I don't want to name your blog.

Good morning, it is Monday. I didn't have a snappy title for today's blog, so I asked Maren to give me a random title for today...

Before I go on with our weekend I wanted to give a big shout out to the House Of Representatives for putting thought the Health Care Reform. Still has some to go, but it looks good.

Now on to the weekend. Saturday we took a drive over to Point Defiance Park to hang with cousins. It was a last minute thing that just worked. Hansen and I took our bikes and did some bike riding with Alex and Kraig. Lillie got to play with Claire and Lee Audey. The pictures below will show a fun time at the water, in the trees, and on the bikes...but Hansen and Alex will tell you that next time just Kraig and I should ride bikes and they should just hang out at the water, in the trees, and that would be fine.

Lillie and Hansen at the beach.
Lee Audrey, Lillie, and Claire up in a tree eating ice-cream
Hansen and Alex, also up in a tree. Miles was around too.
Alex and Hansen riding bikes on the boardwalk.
OK, enough about Point Defiance Park. By the pictures you would think that I take the kids out places solely for the reason of snapping their pictures and posting them on my blog. That is not true, but even if it was, so what...they are getting out and about.

Preston spent the night at two different friend's houses this weekend and played in two soccer games. Preston scored 5 goals this weekend and had a great sleep deprived weekend.

Last night we went out to Arby's for dinner. Lillie also had artwork displayed at Arby's. Me being art docent and her teacher running the art walk couldn't have anything to do with it??? Do you think?
This is conference week so we are out of school early all week. Tonight Hansen has his first ever track meet. We shall see if Hansen shares any of his brother's track genes.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flowers, bunnies, awards and report card.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday started smoothly as could be, but around the middle of the day, things started to slide...but just for a bit. The funny thing is that my horoscope said that would happen and I just didn't pay any attention to it. And there is another very cool bike for sale on I didn't buy the one yesterday...maybe today? No.

Ok, so yesterday was the day I was headed to Lillian's class to art docent. The plan was to make flowers for a fancy watering pot that the kids would all sign. The flowers and the watering pot then go into the GL silent auction. My trouble started when the tissue paper was in different sizes than I thought it would be in. But I am getting ahead of myself here. As I was preparing the lesson (the kids are at a short recess) Michelle from the PTA brought Mrs. Akins an award she won for being an Outstanding Educator. Congrats Mrs. Akins! Lillie is lucky to be in your class! This picture is Mrs. Akins on the left, Michelle (also the leader of the art docent program) on the right. I had my phone and made them pose quickly. The picture tuned out great.

Ok, so back to art. Mrs. Akins offered to cut the paper down to size which was great. But it turned out to be a busy job and the kids did not all perform so well at making their flowers as I had thought they would. Lillie finished early doing a great job, so she was put to work helping fellow students who were struggling. During this time I was calling back kids to the back of the class to sign the watering can. Actually, the watering can turned out great. The flowers turned out just fine. But in all the craziness, Mrs. Akins forgot to hand out report cards. So after class she was looking up address of kids with Monday conferences to hand deliver the report cards to so the parents could be prepared. I offered to take Lillie's report card once I cleaned up, and was on my way.

We raced home and made it just in time to head over to Yuen Lui in Federal Way for Bunnie pictures! Maren was reading Hansen's report card (yes, he did very well...but we do have a few questions) in the van on the drive and went to read Lillie's report card. Turns out...and this is the kicker...I grabbed the wrong report card from the stack on Mrs. Akin's desk. In my hurry, the names looked the same. So, while none of this stuff is really all my fault, I am feeling a bit crummy for leading to Mrs. Akins not handing out report cards, having to drive them around, and then taking the wrong one! Luckily my art docent days come to an end in a month or so. Cringe.

Now to Yuen Lui. Things have now turned around and the bunny pictures went great. The young man who was the photographer was excellent. The pictures turned out great. And the kids had a wonderful time. Preston decided again that he was too old and he is not present. His loss. The bunnies were fun and we went out to Red Robin for dinner afterwards. This is a picture from my phone capturing Lillie, Hansen, bunnies, and the photographer at work.

So the day almost ended on a good note. Preston went off and spent the night at a friend's house along with a few other friends which is great. Hansen has a hard time falling asleep when Preston is not there as they share a room and Hansen is just kind of that way. Oh well. The fact that I am typing on Saturday morning means we made it! I will probably take a break from blogging tomorrow, so if you only finished half of this crazy long post, you have time to finish tomorrow.

See you tomorrow, or the next day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Flowers, bunnies, and History.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today is a busy day. I should be getting my ducks in a row, but instead I have been drooling over the bike of the day at Sure I have three bicycles, one for the road, one for the dirt, and one that is OK at both that I ride to work. But who couldn't use a 4th bike? How about a single speed street bike with 700cc wheels and disk brakes. Yeah, I say cool.

So what do we have going on today? Well, to start with I am art docent in Lillie's class again today. The class is making different flowers and signing a cute watering tin to put up for auction for the silent auction. Last night we were playing with different types of flowers to use. Preston really wanted me to take him out of school to go to Lillie's class and teach origami flowers. Only his flowers are too tough for me to do...let alone a 1st grader. So I have one that I found and one that Maren found that I will use.

Directly after school we will be heading to get Easter Bunny pictures for Hansen and Lillie. Preston is feeling too old, but he is invited. I think he has too many plans for this weekend as well with soccer games and overnights. We will see how that pans out.

OK, off to find a couple of bucks to give Hansen as he gets to go to the Washington State History Museum for a field trip. Lucky Hansen!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sandler blog, NCAA, treasures.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I hope you're wearing green today! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yesterday while surfing the Internet, Maren found a blog that has been put together by my mom's cousin called Sandler Family Archives. So far many of the pages are about my grandpa (my mom's dad) and his many writings. I have many of these articles and such, but the way she is doing the blog seems very cool. I have never actually met this cousin of my moms (that I know of) and this side of the family is not so close to where I live being mostly on the east coast. Here is a link if your interested. I hope the author doesn't mind it being posted here, but since it is the web, and my family too, I am guessing it is all good!

Being not so tech savvy, you may have to cut and paste this link. If I was cool I would have it where there was a picture of my grandpa, and you would click on him, then go to this website...but I am only kind of cool.

Speaking of cool, here is a copy of my NCAA Tournament bracket sheet for my work pool. I don't know anything about basket ball other than if your seeded number 1, you're probably better then the other teams. So with that as my guide, and a few little other quirks, this is what you get:

Last night there was no soccer, piano, or playing outside as it was so rainy. So I let Maren rest and I took the kids out to Value Village to see if we could find some treasures. Remind me not to do this anymore. Too many treasures, not enough parents, and even on the cheap, trips become expensive. But the kids get housebound just like I do, so I am sure this won't be the last trip.

Hansen found this shirt along with some other stuff:

Lillie found this shirt and some other stuff:
And Preston found these Kobe live wire shoes (they had no insoles, so I put in some new ones, which is really best with shoes in my book). Preston was going on eastbay last night to check out how much money he saved.
Today is back to soccer, piano, and maybe Wednesday night Lent soup service if we can swing it.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hansen ear check.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Hansen had an ear check-up. It was his 3 months after ear surgery to see how things are doing check. He had both a hearing test as well as the doctor checking things out. The left ear is the one that got patched and the one we were concerned about. And the good news...The ear drum patch took just fine and now he is free to go about his life without worrying about earplugs and such. Yay! The funny thing was that he didn't score well on the hearing in his right ear test. Hansen told me that the machine had so much static that he couldn't really hear the beeps. I did actually hear the tech tell Hansen not to worry about the static on the machine, so I am guessing that his ear is just fine. And Hansen says it is just fine and that he knows his ears far better than some doctor that needs goofy lights just to see inside of them.

So now we just wait for the pool to open. This summer Hansen will spend the whole summer exploring the bottom of the pool instead of worrying about earplugs that may or may not have a good seal.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Art, movie, soccer, spending birthday money!

Good morning, it is Monday.

We survived another weekend! As I uploaded pictures to show you, I realized that I don't have any of Hansen this weekend. He was around, but he didn't go to Preston's soccer game, and he wasn't spending his birthday money, but he did have a good weekend kicking fact I would guess that Hansen had the most relaxing weekend of us all. On to pictures.

This is Lillie in front of AAA Pest Control in Kent. Her art was in the Kent Art Walk, the very top piece is hers. After the art walk, we all headed off to the $3.00 movie theatre to check out Alvin And The Chipmunks, the Squealel. Preston wanted to sit in the back, Hansen wanted to sit in the front. Lillie and Maren in the middle. We can't do anything as a whole family anymore! But it all worked out, Preston and I went toward the back, Maren and Lillie sat a row behind Hansen...who was up pretty close to the front.
The folks in this picture, along with me, were on the road (in the same car) by 7:00am Saturday to catch this ferry in order to make it to the team's soccer game. The ferry ride was fun, the kids were crazy goofy, the game didn't go their way, but such is soccer.

Yesterday Preston went to a soccer friend's birthday party at Ace Bowling near South Center. The place is pretty cool! We showed up to pick up Preston just as they were getting ready to blow out the candles. Lillie does not even know who the birthday boy is...but as you see from this picture, she navigated her way to the front row for the singing...and yes, she enjoyed her cake. The birthday boy and family didn't mind her hanging out. One sideways glance and I would have had her out of there!
This weekend we made it to ToysRus so Lillie could spend her birthday gift cards. She didn't buy anything I thought she would. Lillie really wanted a new watch. And a watch with big numbers and silly digital watch for her.
And a pink guitar! She seems to think that she can get Preston to teach her how to play. Little does she know that Preston quit teaching himself the guitar and just stuck with the piano and the clarinet. Who knows, maybe they will both learn to play. The only toy Lillie bought herself was a Dentist Barbie. Dentist chair and all. Yikes.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Science Fair and more.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was a banner day for taking pictures. There were even pictures I took that will not make it into today's blog! Rather than make you read the blog and look at the pictures, I will just go caption style:

Hansen's display at the Science Fair.
Lillie's display at the Science Fair.
A snap shot of the Science Fair. It was far more crowded than this picture even suggests. Too crowded to really look at the projects because if you stopped walking, you blocked like 7 people trying to find suitable breathing air. One of these years they may divide it into two nights? I doubt it because the kids all toured the projects during school and the evening is kind of just a the more people the better.
John and Carol also made it to the Science Fair, then took us out to ice-cream afterwards. Thanks!
Lillie had her 7 year check up yesterday as well. She passed with flying colors and is happy that does not happen again for a couple of years. This is her testing he eyes...there were no pictures of her in the silly paper gowns they make you wear.
Maren picked these up yesterday! This is the artwork created by Lillie's friends a the Art Studio on her birthday. They really turned out great!

And lastly, for all you Lewis and Clark fans, and live theatre fans (no photo?), yesterday at Cedar Valley the 5th Avenue Theatre put on an amazing show about the Lewis and Clark journey for the school. They did a great job and yay to the PTA for bringing the 5th Avenue to the school where most kids have probably never even seen a live play put on by professionals.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seattle Sounders FC! And the science fair.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I almost left you without pictures this morning, but then I remembered something Maren mentioned last night...Today the Sounders are playing! So here you go, the logo of my second favorite soccer team, and favorite professional sports team:

My favorite soccer team is Preston's team. Hansen and Lillie's soccer teams would be up there too, but they are not playing soccer right now. Lillie is waiting for swimming season and Hansen is running track and waiting for baseball season to start.

Some of my loyal blog readers may not give a hoot about the Seattle Sounders or professional sports in for you...The Science Fair! Woot Woot! Just joking (or "jk" as the texting world would say) you can like both the Sounders and the Science Fair, I know I do. The Science Fair at Grass Lake Elementary is tonight. We will be attending the Science Fair and recording the Soccer. Both Lillie and Hansen will have very nice projects on display along with most the school. But the Science Fair is a more than just an opportunity to see great projects, it is also a chance to get way too close to all the other parents in the overcrowded gym. I am impressed with the kid's projects, that I did help on a little. Maren figures I have done (I say helped with) more elementary homework as an adult than I ever did as a student...and I am sure she is right.

OK, got to get on with the day...maybe check Facebook.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still waiting.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

A blog post with zero pictures!!!
You still here? Good for you. Now on with business. Yesterday Maren wasn't feeling well so after work she crashed for a few hours. With Maren out of commission, the kids were all looking at me for simple things like food and entertainment...the pressure was just too I took them to the new McDonald's.

Now I am just waiting for my "slacker parent of the year award" to show up on my front porch! I think I will wait a moment more, then make up a title for today's blog.

Well, the new McDonald's is nice. It is very different, has less seating, seems less inviting, has a huge play area and in a few years we won't even remember what the old McDonald's was like. The boys and I each had a Double Cheeseburger mini-meal, and Lillie had the McNugget mini-meal. Afterwards we had ice-cream! The place was very busy only being open a few days and all, but I had to feel bad for the employees on the front row. They used the tactic of three registers open getting maximum folks through the lines...unfortunately, there second tactic was to only prepare food for like 1.5 lines, thus making us wait and wait for food, while the front workers didn't have anything to do but stare at us. Doesn't matter, we knew it would be busy, so it is all good.

Sounds like Maren is doing better this morning. Her main issue now is this strange new contact lens prescription that makes it so she can't actually see. Looks like another lens trial will be looming on the horizon...maybe with her old prescription?

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Weird Science!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Hansen's science fair project is finished. Cheers and whistles!!!

Lillie's science fair project is almost finished. Cheers and whistles!!!

The Science Fair is on Thursday, but Hansen has to have his in today because that is just the way his teacher rolls. Lillie's does not have to be done until set up time on Thursday. So we focused on Hansen's. After 5 years of science fair projects, we pretty much have the scientific method down around our house. Preston has always proved that getting the scientific method down is far more important than actual presentation. But surprisingly (or not surprisingly) Hansen is rather sharp on the small details. Here are a few pics of the research, but I will make you wait to see the finished project so I will have something to blog about later in the week:
Hansen wrapping a nail with wires to create a magnet.
Hansen holding paperclips in the air with his new magnet. He is wearing gloves because when we used a lantern battery the nail and wires got so hot we had to stop, so even with the radio battery he is being cautious.
Lillie collecting materials for her penny cleaning project.
Now Lillie has some clean pennies and some not so clean pennies.

In other news, it actually was snowing here yesterday. It is super cold and I am hoping that the pipe in the garage I had to fix is staying in good shape.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 08, 2010

It's a wrap!

Good morning, it is Monday.

The party weekend is finally over! And yes, I mean finally. We need a weekend to recover from this weekend. No, it was not that bad, in fact, it went perfectly. Besides Lillie and the twins, there was another fellow with a birthday. My dad! Yup, yesterday was his birthday. I got to talk to him on the phone for a while which was nice, and Lillie got to talk birthday with Grandpa Slane as well. Sounds like it has been cold in Florida...but not too cold to golf.

I know, I know, you just want pics, so here you go:

Lillie painting her unicorn at her friend party.
Lillie and a bunch of other 7 year old girls (and Hansen) painting ceramic statues at Lillie's friend party. I drove six girls in my van while Maren drove two girls and Hansen in her car. It was a crazy car ride with lots of girls singing and being totally silly!
Jack and Avery turned 2 last week. Here they are having some cake at yesterday's joint party for them and Lillie.
Lillie and cousin Claire sword fighting with birthday party blowers.
Lillie received many great gifts from dresses, pants, shirts, skirts, toys and shoes. If you haven't seen Sketcher Twinkle Toes, here you go. They also light up when you walk if by chance they are not bright enough just as they are. Lillie did very well this birthday season!

What else happened? Preston's soccer team tied their game, then it took two hours to get home from Seattle (horrible ride home), but Preston still made it to go see Alice In Wonderland with a pack of his friends.

Hansen bought a new DS game for his Nintendo, then he (and I) finished his science fair project. Lillie will start her project tonight.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ears pierced, then steak!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday Lillie had a great birthday! She brought cupcakes to school and had a "read-in" day for her birthday day. After school it was off to get her ears pierced! We went to Claires at Kent Station and the lady did a very nice job piercing Lillie's ears. The sun was bright, so the pics are hard to see. After the first ear, the pain was more than Lillie had anticipated, but she was a trooper and had the second ear done no problem.

Lillie got to choose any restaurant or anywhere she would like to have her birthday dinner in the whole world (as long as it was within an hour by car) and she chose...Steak and mashed potatoes at Nana and Grandpa's house! Yup, not only was that her choice, but she loved it. Nana and grandpa even made this really cool butterfly cake! Can you see her new earrings? They are a light blue, her birth stone.
Here is Lillie with Grandpa on her right, Nana on her left, steak and potatoes on her plate, apple cider in her cup, and a huge smile on her face! A quick footnote, Preston drank an entire bottle of cider by himself...we even let him drink the last few sips out of the bottle. I have a picture, but if you didn't realize it was just cider, you might wonder what kind of parents we are...yup, cool parents!
Lillie's birthday was great, now for day two! The friends us!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Lillie!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Happy Birthday Lillie!

This is a birthday weekend for Lillie! The big 7. Here she is exactly 7 years ago:

And here she is about 7 days ago:
Last night as Lillie was happily going off to bed we were talking about how when she woke up she would never be 6 again. But with a math brain kind of like her mom's, she said, "but I will be 16, and 26, and 36, and 46, and 56, and 66, and 76, and 86, and 96, and 106, and 116, and 126, and..." Phew, have a great day Lillie!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lillie is planning.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Tomorrow is Lillian's birthday. She has been planning! Maybe planning too much. She is making treat bags for friends and she even found this Pin The Tail On The My Little Pony game that I made for her 4th birthday that she has been making tails for.

Of course, we have a fancy friend party at an art studio in Bellevue for her and some friends to paint ceramic stuff, but I am starting to think we should have just saved the money, invited more friends, had her party at home, and let Lillie plan all the activities. There is always next year.

But if a weekend of birthday parties is not enough...Saturday Preston has a soccer game in Seattle (Eckstein Middle School), and Hansen and Lillie both have science fair projects due early next week. I need one of those people duplicator machines for Maren and me. A few duplicates of us and we might just be able to get everything done!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Who's that cat?

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss's birthday. Yesterday was also Jack and Avery's 2nd birthday. How cool would it be to share a birthday with Dr. Seuss? It will forever be read across America day on Jack and Avery's birthday. Hopefully Jack and Avery had a nice birthday and maybe even read a Dr. Seuss book or three!

At our school last night was a very well attended program. Tons of kids showed up, from preschoolers to a few middle school kids. Fun activities were available to them in the gym, books were read, books were given out, toys were given out, green eggs and ham served, and fun activities for all. Even a chance to get your picture taken with The Cat In The Hat! Maren also helped out with the preschool activities and such. The reading was different this year with readers in corners and such, so Maren did not have to read to the entire world while 20 other activities went on behind her. It was a nice set up this year!

Yes, I was The Cat again this year. The pictures were taken with a school camera on a tripod, but I did get someone to snap this photo with my camera of Lillie and me. After this shot, Lillie quickly ditched me to hang with old friends and enjoy all the festivities. I think more kids will remember me for being The Cat than actually working with them on writing, word study, and math!
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Happy Dr. Seuss Day...and strawberries.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday while Preston was at soccer, we took our monthly trip to Costco. No, it won't be the only time this month we go to Costco, just the only time we have it budgeted, therefor charging it rather than having to use our meager cash supplies. The box of strawberries seemed to be the biggest hit of all. Lillie was not happy with me for taking the first one without even washing the strawberry...oh the pesticides, yum! But after Maren washed a few, they were just hoovered. You would think the kids only eat Mac and Cheese! Well...uh. Anyway, Maren just took out the whipped cream, sprayed directly on the strawberries, and started passing them out. The kids thought that was great. Little do they know that Maren has been eating fries like that with the little ketchup packages for years, why go through the mess of making a pile of ketchup, just apply directly to each fry! Makes sense to me. Here are a couple of pics:

Today is Dr. Seuss day. Read Across America Day. Get your hat, and read with the Cat day. We will be having a big program at our school where the Cat in the Hat (that will be me!) will be making an appearance and a local librarian (yup, Maren) will be reading a Green Eggs And Ham to a gym full of kids. Should be a fun evening, and yes, green eggs and ham will be served.

See you tomorrow.