Saturday, December 18, 2010

School's out...piano time?

Good morning, it is Saturday.

School's out for the rest of the year! My FB status, until Preston hacked my account and put gushingly good things about him for my status was: "Last school day before drinking, I've been Christmas all day!" I thought it funny, but really I just copied Stephen Colbert's tweet, not exactly, but close.

What better way to celebrate winter break than a piano recital? I can think of a few, but the littles didn't have a choice. Here are a few pics:
Before the recital. Hansen and Lillie get rid of nerves in a little different fashion.
Lillie posing at the grand piano.
Hansen posing at the grand piano
And afterwards. All the kids are all smiles. Great job kids! We heard a ton of great music.

I recorded Hansen and Lillie's performance on my phone, so you can hear the performance if you see me or my computer.

See you tomorrow.

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carol said...

I didn't know Hansen + Lillie played the piano ! I'd love to hear the recital......can you attach the music from your phone to an email or text ? By the way, what is FB status ? love the stephen colbert