Thursday, December 30, 2010

North Bend.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Tuesday while Preston was still out at the Great Wolf Lodge with his friends, and Maren was at work, the littles and I headed out to North Bend to visit. H and L played with the twins and I helped build a new TV stand. It is amazing to me how light these new big TVs are. Way lighter than their smaller glass screen counter parts. We still don't have one of the huge, slim style TVs...and it may be awhile. We have been lucky enough to get Mel and Courts old TVs when they upgrade to the HD type...that makes our big one in the living room and a smaller one I brought home Tuesday. Thanks guys! On the way home from a fun day playing and building, we took a quick stop (like there is a such thing) at the outlet stores. Lillie found some great deals at the Claire's store, while Hansen found out that he now wears the most popular shoe size for outlet shoppers (men's size 9) and all the soccer shoes he would have wanted were sold out in his size.

This picture is Lillie showing off some of the great finds she picked up at Clare's.

Our timing for a North Bend trip was perfect if you don't enjoy driving in the snow. Yesterday was a snow day around here. We woke up to a couple of inches that cleared off the roads during the day. The roofs and yards are still white and it snowed again last night.

Yesterday Lillie got to spend the day with her friend Lily. They had a great time and Lillie wished she could have stayed longer. Preston went bowling with his friends. He said the first game was bad, and it got worse after know, trick shots like spinning around, between the legs, you name it! We will see what today brings.

See you tomorrow.


Melanie Ostergard said...

Thanks for your help getting it all put together. Movie night at our house soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day. Tsk on Hansen's size being all sold out. Cute pic of Lilly.

sussah said...

Are those dayglow hair extensions from Claires too? what a look! love, susanna

Sabrina said...

Are you in Dallas?

Julian's Blog said...

Yes, the dayglow hair extensions are from Claires! They were the first things Lillie picked out. I think I need to borrow them from time to time!

Nope, not in Dallas!