Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just Dance 2

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Except for Maren, who went back to work this week, the rest of us are in full staycation mode. Preston is not even here, he is off at the Great Wolf Lodge with some soccer friends. Between visits, play dates, and outings, our calendar is looking pretty full!

The other day we went to a local BMX track to just ride around. The attached Frisbee golf course was actually kind of busy, the the track was empty. Lillie made it all the way around once, Preston and Hansen had fun riding, and I raced anyone who wanted to lose! Preston has some of the awesomeness on his new video camera, but we haven't figured out how to download the videos just yet. Lillie and Claire found going around the track on foot to be just as fun as on bikes.
The other thing that has been tons of fun for the last few days is a new Wii game called Just Dance 2. You just hold the Wii remote and copy the images on the screen. Lillie totally rocks at this game! I though I was pretty good until Maren gave it a try. Preston also has some video of the dancing fun...but trust me, that footage will not make it into cyberspace.

Right now we are feverishly planing amazing things for Maren's 40th birthday. The shroud of mystery is like a thick fog around here as the kids know what is up but are not allowed to tell. There are maybe also be a few secret e-mails being sent and received that Maren is not allowed to read. It is all very mysterious, and Maren is getting a bit nervous. Hahahaha Ha!

See you tomorrow.

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