Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grandpa Sandler's funeral

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Welcome back to blogging! I have been out of town for the last few days. I flew down to Florida to attend my Grandpa Sandler's funeral service. I took red-eye flights and was there for just two and a half days. Grandpa's funeral service was beautiful. It started at his and Bernice's synagogue. There was a very nice service with words by his children, grandchildren, his niece, and a few good friends. Not only did I get to talk, I also got to be a pallbearer. At the cemetery, there was another small service, and again the grandchildren were a big part of the ceremony, sprinkling dirt from Israel on his casket. Other traditions were observed as grandpa loved tradition. Then it was back to the synagogue for food and visiting with family. And lastly a very nice ceremony in a smaller holy room. Many of the traditions and chants and parts of the ceremony were not familiar to me, but it was so great to be there. I feel very honored to be Robert Sandler's grandson, and the ceremony really put us grandchildren in a cherished place. Grandpa Sandler's funeral was both very emotional and beautiful. As sad as it was to visit for his funeral, it was also great to get to meet Bernice's wonderful family. Her children and grandchildren are great! The love they had for my grandpa and that they have for Bernice was very evident. It was also great to meet my mom's cousins, see relatives I haven't seen in years, and meet many of Grandpa and Bernice's friends.

Here is the link to Grandpa Sandler's online obituary, it is very nice:

While I didn't get any pictures of anything the day of the funeral, I did get a few pictures from the next day.

Here I am at Hollywood Beach with my feet in the warm Atlantic Ocean.
This is just a road we were driving down. I'm in the passenger seat of my mom's car. Check out the palm trees and the sunshine!

Here is my mom on the beach. The beach was very crowded with all kinds of people. Such a different world than where we live. I don't have any pictures of Joey either, he is my folks golden retriever, he is a great dog.

I was able to go golfing with my dad! We played at the course he plays regularly, it is a great course and we had a fun time...way more fun than our score card showed. I did actually win $15.00 from a friendly member's competition. This picture is my dad...the self proclaimed bunker king.

This was a very special weekend. Both sad and happy. I'm so glad I made the trip.

See you tomorrow.


Stef said...

Really great blog, Julian. Thanks for the link to the obituary as was nice to read. I remember meeting your Grandpa, he was a lovely man.

Anonymous said...

We're so glad you could come for the funeral - it was great to see you and having you here really helped. We sure will miss Grandpa Sandler.

Amber said...

I'm sorry I couldn't have been there. I know I missed out on something very special. Thank you for sharing the details - I didn't know you were a pall bearer!