Sunday, December 26, 2010

Even the carrots?

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Last night at 9:00 pm Lillie came racing home from the neighbor's house, "I'm invited to sleep over, I'm invited to sleep over! Can I sleep over?!!!? pant, pant, pant." It was late and we were about to send Hansen's friend home for the night, Hansen's friend being the brother to Lillie's friend who invited her for the sleep over. So after a 1 minute conference with Maren, Lillie was sleeping over at her friend's house and Hansen's friend was sleeping at our house. We try to plan, but why? This is how it usually goes. Lillie was packed and ready to go in 12 seconds flat...she was gone before we could ever think of changing our minds. She has been waiting for an official sleepover since as long as she can remember. And right now at 10:23am, we have two boys sleeping on the floor and one on the couch.

Here are a few of pictures from the last couple of days:

Lillie wrote a letter to Santa and placed it next to the cookies and milk she left out for him next to the fireplace. As you can see, Santa didn't disappoint. He not only left "winner" gifts, he ate the cookies, fed the carrots to his reindeer, and took a moment to write back!
Maren and Preston hanging out together for a moment on Christmas Eve. No picture of me, and a squinty eyed pic of Maren. Way better than the video Preston shot last night of me and Maren having a "dance off" to our new Just Dance Wii game. Lillie is the queen of Just Dance...very fun!

Lillie with her one-of-a-kind cloak and her American Girl doll. This cloak is amazing and totally Lillie. It is hand made by Nana (Carol) and really amazing. Two sided with leopard print on one side and red velvet on the other. Lillie wore it to the Christmas Eve service (leopard side out) and received tons of comments!

After the twins left yesterday (we had a great visit with them...drumming and running around) Hansen settled down to build his new Lego Architecture White House. It is already built...very cool!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

I love Lillie's new cloak! And how cool that Hansen built a Lego White House. And Santa wrote back! Always something interesting going on up there...