Monday, December 06, 2010

Ducks, Soccer and Balancing Brooms.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday evening Preston's indoor soccer game was the semifinal match. Preston's team finished the season in 2nd place so they were playing the 3rd place team to see who would advance to the finals. They won easily and next week the finals. Should be a good game, they will be playing a team they haven't beat, but have always had close matches with.

I was able to get Lillie to want to come to the game with me because of...Pizza. And the park. While Preston's team was warming up, we headed to the park. Lillie has the knack with ducks, she quacked and they all came running!

I don't have pictures of the game, I guess I was just watching it. John came by and got to see the game too.

What else happened this weekend you may ask? Well Hansen cleaned his room like he does every weekend. But more than just cleaning his room, he figured out how to balance the broom!
See you tomorrow.

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