Sunday, December 12, 2010

Derek, soccer, choir, and flooding.

Good evening, it is Sunday night.

The kids are watching Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, so I have a minute or two to blog. I'll sleeping in an extra half an hour tomorrow morning!

Last night we went to John and Carol's house to have an official dinner introducing Stef's new boyfriend Derek to the family. Yeah, that is big time. We all like Derek, and it is clear that Stef really likes him, so we all say yippee! Besides meeting Derek, the kids got to hang with their cousins. That is always a winning combo, and breakfast for dinner was the best. I'm still stuffed...or maybe that is the BBQ Chicken wings I just finished from down at Starfire.

Yup, Preston's indoor team was in the finals. They played the 1st place team for the championship. It was a great game and Preston played very well. The kids took an early lead but just couldn't hang on and ended up loosing 6-5 in the end. It was a great game to watch, of course I always want Preston's team to win, but I do enjoy a good game even if it doesn't go our way.

This morning at church the choir ran the show. It always cracks me up because the choir just rocks, they really are great, yet no one ever claps during or after songs. They did get a round of applause at the end of the hour, but man, Lutherans are a bit tight when it comes to giving applause. The kids also had their rehearsal for next weeks big performance. I didn't stay to see it as I went to Pastor Rismiller's class on Romans. Maren said that the rehearsal went just fine and Lillie did a great job in her roll as Mary. John and Carol would have really enjoyed the choir today, but they were at home working on keeping their basement dry. Yep, it is been raining nonstop around here and their basement is flooding. Ouch! Maren mentioned that as a small child she kind of thought splashing in a flooded basement was kind of fun...but only for her...not so much for her mom and dad. Maybe they will catch the choir performance first service next week then stick around for the Children's play second performance. Besides Lillie being Mary, Preston is playing his clarinet and Hansen is singing with his age group.

Off for some hot cocoa, see you tomorrow.

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