Friday, December 03, 2010


Good morning, it is Friday!

I'm wearing my U of W shirt today because of the Apple Cup this weekend. Go Huskies!

I installed a new radio in the pick-up truck along with new speakers last night. The sound is much clearer and the display is a bright blue! Maybe too bright! It is not a very fancy radio, but it should work just fine for many years to come.

Last night was teacher conferences at the middle school. The way they do it is they just put the teachers in the gym for a number of hours and you can go and talk to them if you want. Last year I didn't really like the idea, but now I do. When I went last night to meet Preston's teachers I went right after their break at 5:00pm and the place was very empty. Last year I went earlier and it was very busy. Go figure. Maren has gone to all the open houses and gets a good feel for his teachers that way. I have gone to the 2 minute conferences and like that just fine. It is interesting to see how Preston swims in such a big pond. He is doing great in his honors classes. His teachers all think he is funny and has a great work ethic. We couldn't be prouder. His hardest teacher (in Maren's and Preston's opinion) said that off all her students, Preston is one of the few that she never has to even worry about doing a great job. The funny thing is that the only class his teacher thinks he slacks too much and goofs off too much is in PE. This is also his only class he is not in with his Honors track. So it is a wilder class and he has some friends that are very good at goofing off in that class. When the teacher told me Preston is getting a "B" and should be proud, I just laughed. I told him that it is ironic that the only class he has ever even gotten a "B"in before was also PE as he always aces his honors classes. I could tell the teacher had no idea that Preston was an excellent student nor did he know Preston was the conference champ in track last season. Anyhow, I either made Preston's life better or worse by letting his PE teacher know that he really is a stand out student and athlete. We shall see.

That's my news for now, see you tomorrow.

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