Thursday, November 11, 2010


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Happy Veteran's Day to all Veterans especially to John Ostergard and Robert Sandler (Maren's dad and my Grandpa). We slept in this morning in your honor! The kid's schools have been holding assemblies and teaching the kids what it is to be a Veteran! Enjoy your day.

Last night we had some extra fun that we would have never planned if we didn't know we could sleep in today. We went to the Paramount Theatre in Seattle to see STOMP. Maren found a discount site and the whole family was able to enjoy this show for under $100.00. Pretty good deal in our world. Sure, we were a bit far back, but the show was amazing.
We dropped Maren off at the "will call window" then drove around Seattle looking for a parking spot. Here is Hansen, Lillie, and Preston walking toward the Paramount.
We got to walk up a couple of flight of stairs to get to our seats...but check out this view from one of the balconies just before actually going into the theatre. Just looking around the Paramount is nearly as amazing as the shows they put on.

This is taken from the web. If you don't know about STOMP, it is a group that make very cool music from brooms, buckets, and all kinds of everyday stuff. There was a cool part in the dark with lighters. They were able to inject tons of humor and even get the audience involved...and not a single word was spoken. Cool.

See you tomorrow.

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