Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day!

Good afternoon, it is Tuesday.

Today is a Snow Day! Yesterday was an early release day, just in time. The snow started to fall, the temps started to drop, and the roads got crazy. Luckily Maren left work at around noon and made it home just as things were getting bad. There are reports of folks taking several hours to do Maren's commute just because they left a few hours later.

Here are a few pics of the world today:

This is my phone in "clock" mode. At 8:54 am it was 18 degrees at our house. Look, the high is supposed to be 21 degrees. Yes, that is Fahrenheit...and a picture of me golfing.
Now for a look out the window...My van is not going anywhere today.

Lillie on the back deck. She has been more excited than anyone to be in the snow.

Making the 3/4 mile walk to the school. That is where the sledding happens. That's Lillie leading the way. Hansen is in the back, but he is very excited to glide down the hill on his new sled.

Here is a quick shot of the hill at CV. Tons of kids having a crazy time. Luckily no major injuries while I was there, but it is kind of crazy place. The road behind this picture had cars getting stuck and quads having fun.

Here is a shot of Lillie (back) and her friend sliding down the hill. I don't have any good shots of Hansen, but I did take some video that he should be on.

Enjoy the Snow!

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you and Maren didn't get stuck in the snow. Stay warm!

Amber said...

I kind of think it's hilarious that school is closed, and everybody is at school. Also, it's a high of 86 degrees here tomorrow. I'm actually a little jealous of your snow!!!

jerisenger said...

I have been in Seattle since Tuesday but they brought me home today. I have not driven since last Sunday. I was wondering how Maren got home and am glad she left early so missed the madness.
I am happy to see the rain and rocks in my driveway. Marnee is having Thanksgiving dinner with American friends on Saturday.