Thursday, November 18, 2010


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night on their way home from hanging out with Mel and the twins, John and Carol stopped by to deliver a case of peaches! Yep, they went down to Oregon with a small caravan of folks last weekend for a fruit run. This is just one of the cans of peaches waiting to be eaten:

Carol also brought over a St. Lucia dress that she made for Lillie. It is very nice and Lillie will enjoy wearing it for the St. Lucia breakfast the church has for the girls. No picture of the dress, you will have to tune in see Lillie will now be matchers with her American Doll who also has a St. Lucia dress. How cool is that? Last night after Nana and Grandpa went home, Lillie was telling Maren how lucky she was that like half the fancy clothes in her closet were made by her Nana!

See you tomorrow.


Just a Canadian Girl said...

elberta peaches? hum makes me think of a miss spelling for alberta.... but alberta and peaches dont quite go together....

Anonymous said...

That's very cool that Lillie and her doll will be matching. She is definitely a lucky girl. Happy peach eating!