Monday, November 22, 2010

My old jacket!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday at church John brought me back a jacket that I must have given them 10 years ago. This brown Eddie Bauer jacket is one I bought when I started college at the University of Washington 20 years ago. I wore it all the time, especially when riding my motor scooter to school and work. Years later Carol used it when hanging at the bus stop for a job in Seattle, then John used it too. Now that I have it back, I will use it when riding my bicycle to work. It's still in great shape, and maybe back in fashion? Maybe decide:

Friday evening was a birthday party for Cousin Alex. Hansen got to spend the night and it was a very fun party. Alex got a very cool Redline bike that he kind of ignored and went straight to the video games...but Kraig and I were geeking out about the bike. Here is Kraig taking the bike on a spin to the garage:

And lastly, Hansen's last soccer game was this last weekend. Preston also had his last regular season game, but he will have a few tournaments before next season's tryouts. Hansen, on the other hand, is done. His team had a banquet, he got a trophy (probably his last one for participation as he wants to go select next season) and had fun at a pizza party:
Today there is snow and the highs will be in the high 20's. For some reason the schools are not even on a delay, so it is off to the races.

See you tomorrow.

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