Sunday, November 28, 2010

My computer is sick:(

Good morning, it is Sunday.

You may have wondered why I haven't blogged much as late? Well, my computer died! Yup, got a virus that blocked all the ways I know to fix it. I couldn't reset it and all the anti virus programs I ran didn't do the trick. So it is hanging out with The Geek Squad for a week. That place is not cheap...but it is cheaper than a new computer, so if they can clean it up and it lasts for a year, then it is all good.

We have been having a great time this Thanksgiving week. School was out for the week due to snow and luckily enough the snow melted in time for us to go downtown for the day to see A Christmas Story at the 5th Ave. It was great!

I will have pictures later and stuff, but for now I am starting to work on our Christmas Letter. So, check in if you want, I may post again before I get my computer back, but with my pictures and routines, I may not.

See you next week.

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Ellen said...

I was wondering, actually. We got a virus last spring and nothing worked on our computer except a window that said we had a virus and for $59 a security company would remove it. I called the techies, who said to take it to a computer repair place, which we did. The repair guy told us that the "security" company gave us the virus, and if we'd paid the money, not only wouldn't they have fixed our computer, they would have cleaned out our bank account!

We're looking forward to the Christmas letter.