Monday, November 15, 2010

A Chicken Run.

Good morning, it is Monday.

First we will start with Maren taking the littles to see Disney on Ice at the Showare stadium in Kent. They had a great time...Maren said that Lillie had a better time than anyone in the entire stadium, "Look, there is so and so, I know this song! This is great" I guess that is how the show went. My text message , a message from Lillie read, "This is FUN! I wish daddy and Preston could be here!" We were at Preston's soccer game. P's team lost, but he did single handedly get a fellow on the other team a yellow, then a red card on two consecutive free kicks.

Lillie and Hansen enjoying the show!
The show...lots of Disney stars ice-skating around!

Saturday evening Maren had scheduled a chicken run! Zayzon Foods had a stop in Bellevue so it was off for some cheap chicken. Drive to a school in Bellevue, give them our online order information, and get handed a 40 lb. box of chicken. Of course we had to do all the work of bagging and cutting ourselves, but it was kind of fun?

Isn't Maren the cutest chicken chef? Even wearing a scarf! I just held the bags and squawked when chicken parts would hit the floor! Lots of help huh?

Here is Hansen getting a breather on the left bench during his soccer game. His team got beat too, but they did have fun. This picture really doesn't show it, but boy was it muddy at the Pea Patch! Check out his shoes:
These shoes just need to make it one more game. Next week will be his last game of the season. Should be a cold one...early morning in Enumclaw on a day that the high is supposed to be 30 degrees.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

What if the power goes out on the freezer? (about the chicken I mean) love, susanna

Julian's Blog said...

The power just came on after a 10 hour nearly called it.

sussah said...

So did you quickly fry up a bunch of McNuggets? I love the beautiful pictures of the ice show and cute audience. love, susanna

Just a Canadian Girl said...

i wanted to go take the kids to disney on ice. it starts up here in vancouver next wed. but i think my twins are a bit too young for it. mabey next year!