Friday, October 22, 2010

The puppet master.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday we had a bit of an overlap where I was at Hansen's soccer and Maren was at Internet safety night at Preston's school. In order to bring their assigned computer home, students need their parents to attend an Internet safety class. Now Maren is going to be a safer Internet user, and Preston will be able to bring the computer home. The overlap just means, no in Preston in charge of Lillie for a bit. I was asking Lillie about having Preston watching her and she was very happy! She said she loves to have Preston watcher so she can make him mad! Huh? I asked. Yup, her plan is to get a lollipop and hang in her room until he starts to play x-box, then after a few minutes she likes to come downstairs and demand that she watch a kids show on the TV. If he says no, she says she will tell. Frustration follows. I actually asked Preston if this was a pattern and after thinking about it, he said, yes! I think he was amazed because I don't think he realized until that moment that his little sister was just being the puppet master! Last night must have gone a bit different, because when I got home Lillie was doing art work and designing games:

A very small painting area, but no big messes!
And the game we just had to try. Family throws hats on the ground, blind folds a person and guides them to pick up hats. It is kind of fun until Hansen decides that tripping, scaring, and just messing with the blindfolded person is just more fun than actually guiding them to the hats! Once that stuff starts, dad ends the game.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That's so funny that Lillie admits to teasing Preston. Well, that's family dynamics! Sounds like a cute game to throw hats on the ground. I think Joey would like it, too.

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