Friday, September 24, 2010

What time is it?

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was my little sister's birthday. Happy birthday Amber! At 9:23 am, on 9-23-10, I was working with a group of 1st graders. I paused and asked, "You know what is cool about right this minute?" I got a few answers about recess and such, but then I said, "It is 9:23 on 9-23! And it is my sister's birthday! How cool is that?" Lots of ohhhhs and ahhhhs and getting to hear how old their moms are...all of them younger than you Amber! Haha. Happy Birthday.

Yesterday was open house at CV. I showed up with the rest of the staff. There was a good turnout and the teachers got to be rock stars for a few minutes. Lillie tagged along with me (not her choice) and showed off her WSU logo stuck to her left temple. Since everyone knows I am a Husky...the logo got Lillie lots of positive press from all the Cougar lot that I work with.

Preston was able to find rides from the Cedar Heights volleyball game after school to the Kentlake football game in the evening. Sounds like he had a nice evening. Starting to think that any evening away from home is a good evening for Preston...hmm. Maren took Hansen to soccer practice and is still freezing from hanging outside for an hour and a half. OK, got to go.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Their moms are younger than Amber? Now I know I'm really getting old! We had a nice birthday party with Amber, Chuck, and Aurora last night. I hope Maren warms up...I remember hanging around at sports practices and being cold.

Amber said...

I might be old, but you're 7 years older!!!

Thanks for remembering my birthday anyway :)