Friday, September 10, 2010


Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was not too exciting around here. In fact, as the routines of school and stuff fall into place around our house, the days kind of just blend together. We still haven't figured how to fit school, sports, homework, piano and a bath into one day! So we try to compensate...if you have sports one day, you don't have to do piano that day and such. I don't know how the piano teacher will like that, buy hey, you have to live a little! Anyhow, were working on it. The biggest culprits are things we TV. We got to watch Wipe Out, Sponge Bob, football!

There really are actually plenty of photo ops each day. I just need to be a little more creative. Yesterday while picking up the littles from school, Lillie and her friend were swaying from foot to foot in perfect rhythm while singing the same song. Hansen played well in his soccer scrimmage. And Preston and Connor were just hanging out next to the tether ball pole after school laughing about their days at school, backpacks still on.

Well, time to get things rolling. Maren just left for work, Preston just came downstairs, Hansen is procrastinating, Lillie has to get rolling, and I have to figure out breakfast and lunches for all of us without bread, applesauce or capri-suns.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I at least think you should take baths on days you did sports. But maybe you can skip the bath if all you've done is play the piano. Unless you're a really aggressive piano player.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing you have time to take pictures and blog on the days you do - you guys are so busy, and you do a great job on the blog and everything you do.