Sunday, September 05, 2010

Puyallup soccer, new bicycle, Halloween?

Good evening, it is Sunday.

I have been having to wake up too early to blog the last couple of days due to Preston's soccer tournament in Puyallup. He has had a very good tournament so far, scoring 5 goals in 3 games even while sitting half of the last two games with a sore leg. He should be good for the championship game tomorrow. The tournament is being held in a very interesting place. I had about two hours to just roam around between games today and checked things out. These three pictures are taken while standing in the same place while turning 1/3rd the way around to take each picture:
Far corner of 9 soccer fields. Hundreds of kids playing soccer all daylight hours. Even a turf field that the championship game tomorrow will be played on.
Turn to the right and the Native Americans are holding a huge annual dance competition/pow wow? There must have been hundreds of Native Americans in amazing regalia doing different dances and such.
Turn farther to the right and there are vast farms, currently harvesting squash I believe. There were dozens of farmers, most wearing traditional Vietnam farming hats. Turn to the right again and it is back to soccer. I just thought it very surreal to be standing there with three distinctly different worlds going on at the exact same time, separated by only a few yards, drainage ditches, and maybe a tree or two...and not interfering with each other at all.

Yesterday a neighbor girl was moving and was giving away her bicycle. Lillie now has a new bike! Isn't it cute? I had to do quite a bit of tuning up to make it road worthy, but it is good to go and will be perfect for next summer.
And lastly, Maren is ready for Halloween! This is her latest purchase:
It has a big candle inside and looks very cool when the lights are tuned low.

See you tomorrow, or the next day.


Anonymous said...

Wow, cool bike for Lillie! That is weird about the soccer, Native Americans, and farmers. Maren is way ahead of us on Halloween for sure.

Amber said...

I'm ready for Halloween too! I listed last year's costume on eBay and got Aurora's costume for this year along with some cute Halloween outfits. Maybe I'll have to do some decorating too! More likely I'll grab some decorations after Halloween for next year.