Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marta Connell Golf Tournament, Hansen's tooth.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was the 10 annual Marta Connell Golf Tournament to raise money for Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. In the first many years I helped much more with scoring and stuff, but 10 years later it practically runs itself....with a ton of hard work by Steve W. and his family and friends. Yesterday was the first year that Steve and I didn't partner up in the 2 man best ball format. Steve partnered with a friend from out of state, and I was going to just watch soccer this year. Well, one of our usual foursome, Capt. Bob, needed a partner, so last minute I was playing for the 10th year in a row. While not golfing much this season, I have been not too rusty...and Bob is a good golfer himself, well, something clicked on the last 10 holes and we just caught fire. We shot a 61 gross over 18 holes, which is just a great score. I was hitting shots very close to the hole the whole back 9, and we were knocking all the putts in! It was tons of fun. We ended up winning the tournament by a few strokes and $200.00!!! Just like we do every year and as most of the folks do in the tournament, we donated the $$$ back to the Tournament as raising money and having fun are what the tournament is all about.

In an unrelated story, Hansen totally "got" me the other day. He slipped down the stairs and made a great "thump, thump, thump, THUMP, OUCH!" at the bottom. I yelled, "you OK?", and he said, "I think so, but my tooth is loose!" Oh, man, I thought and headed over to the stairs to check out the carnage. But before I got there he said, "don't worry, my tooth was loose before I fell down the stairs!" Thanks a ton for the heart attach kid! If you ask him he will also tell you about how the Tooth Fairy forgot to leave him a dollar that night and so he is charging the Tooth Fairy a "late fee". I don't think the Tooth Fairy's missing him had anything to do with the fooling his dad scene, and I don't think he/she was too I doubt he/she left any extra late fee. It is all very suspicious.

Today is another very busy day with Sunday School starting at Church and who knows where the day will lead after that.

See you tomorrow.


Grandpa and Bernice said...

Congratulations on winning the tournament with your partner. Just think how good you would be if you were playing regularly.
And Hansen - well he tried to get you with the tooth fairy story. Those kids are something.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great golf! Hm... I'm not sure what's going on with the tooth fairy, but I'm glad Hansen didn't have a tooth emergency.