Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chamber's Bay

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was a day I had been excited for for a several weeks. During the US Amateur at Chamber's Bay, Larry and I decided we would play the course the first time we had available. Yesterday was the day. How lucky we were! The sun came out, the weather was warm and perfect! And the course was perfect! Today the rain has started and the greens are scheduled to be aerified on Tuesday. The tee sheet of folks who played Chamber's Bay yesterday had as good or better golf experience than any place in the world.
We golfed with a fellow named Noel. He had played the course many times and just enjoyed golfing and hanging out. It was great to have him along. He took this picture of Larry and I on the 6th tee box.
I told Larry that I wouldn't take any pictures of his golf swing, or tell the world about our scores, but everything else was open for pictures. He agreed. And we both played great by the way. This picture is actually a just for fun picture of Larry looking for a lost ball...not that this scenario didn't happen a time or two in our group.
I like this picture. Larry walking toward the lone tree, pushing his golf cart. One amazing thing about Chamber's Bay is there is a walking trail around the whole place. Yesterday there were maybe thousands of people walking with friends and enjoying the amazing place. There were only a couple hundred folks lucky enough to be walking the facility while pushing golf clubs.
This last picture is of the remnants of sorting bins in the background of the golf course. I like the sorting machines and the swing set to the side. This is the 18th tee box. Larry is actually saying a quick "hello" to Judy on the phone and checking out the scenery while we wait a minute or two to tee off. After the round we went up and had a quick beer, then home. It was a great day! Thank Larry and Noel.

Yesterday after Hansen's soccer game, Maren and the littles found themselves at a pet fair at Kent Station. While having a beer with Larry, I got a text from Maren wondering if they could adopt an new cat named Einstein. I actually said "sure". Well, they tried, but Einstein (while being the cutest guy there) was only an inside they waited as our cats, while 75 percent inside, they do get to roam outside a bit. But the bug is in their mind. I wouldn't be surprised if Joe and Ranger get a little siamese sister one of these days.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Nice golf pix! Sounds like you had a great day to play that course. And wow - a new grandcat on the horizon?