Friday, August 13, 2010

Showing off the deck, otter-pops, a new hat, and some ping pong.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Now that the deck is done, what am I going to do? Eat otter-pops! These frozen popsicle treats are the favorite around our house...sadly I just put the last of the otter-pops in the freezer, time to buy more! Here is a rare photo of me on this blog...Lillie took my phone and snapped this photo (technology is not going to be an issue for this girl):

Now that the deck is done, I have been showing it off in pictures and in person. I mainly get two reactions depending on who I am showing it off to. One is how cool everything is, and the other is how I could have done such and such different. Talking to Maren last night I realized that one thing that I really like about my father-in-law, John, is that even though he has done plenty of projects like decks, roofs, sheds and such, he never points out how he would have done things differently or where my mistakes are in my projects. I know they are there...I built it and have come to accept a certain level of mistakes and creative fixes on all things I build. Rather he always says how great this is or how great that is and is just impressed that I would even take on such a project. It's nice, thanks John.

In contrast, I showed it to a neighbor and got the total opposite reaction. He went on about how I could have wedged this to make it level with that. How I could have blended this in with that, and how I could still do this and that to fix this and that. After that deflating conversation I realized that I sometimes have a tendency to be kind of nit-picky on things as well, skipping over all the good stuff. Most recently at a friend's tournament where I pointed out that the brackets were set up in such a way that if you wanted to win, you had a better chance if you lost the first game on purpose as to get into the easy bracket. In the heat of wanting to win (hey, I'm a competitor...) I totally missed the point that it was set up that way on purpose to make things play fair for all teams as the process in such a tournament is every bit as important as the results, more so even. Anyhow, I can't erase the past, but I will try harder to be less nit-picky in life...especially with my own family and friends.

Yeah, enough philosophy...After this deck project and a few rounds of pickle ball, I needed a new hat! This hat has been my favorite for a while, it is the one that I won with Preston as my partner at Brenda Davies' birthday golf tournament. Preston won the exact same hat, but he is not exactly a hat kind of kid. Yesterday he gave me his hat to replace my old one. Yay! Here is a photo of the old hat and the new hat:

And a parting photo of a ping ponging neighborhood at about 9:45 pm last night. A funny story about Preston and Sam's (the kid diving after the ball on the far side of the court nearest to Preston) hair. Chase asked them if they even brushed their hair as they both have equally curly hair. At the exact same time they both said, "No, I just shake it out like this (shaking their heads)". It was totally funny as neither of them expected the other to say or do the exact same thing...They had to pause the game for a laugh fest. I guess you had to be there.
See you tomorrow.


Grandpa and Bernice said...

Never mind those "should have done it this way" comments, what you did is very, very impressive and attractive. Enjoy all the positive comments you received...very nice hats.

sussah said...

Yes, great new hat & a good golden-rule lesson from John. The deck is beautiful. love, susanna

Ellen said...

I vote for more pictures of you on your blog! We're with John - the deck is great. Personally, I'm very critical of critical people.