Sunday, August 01, 2010

Pickleball tournament and more.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was the 7th annual Escandon Pickleball Tournament. Preston and I were lucky enough to be invited along with 20 other guys. Mark and Shannon had two perfectly painted pickleball courts in their culde-sac along with a big tournament board complete with brackets and championship options. Not to mention the cool Lemonade/Gatorade drink machine and a whole works of food. It was a great tournament.

Here I am getting ready for a pickleball point. I drew Steve, Mark's younger brother for my partner. He was maybe the most fit player of the lot (other than maybe Preston or his partner). We had a great run...but we just couldn't get past Mark's team.
Preston was the alternate. As it turned out one player couldn't play so Preston was in! He had a great partner in Barry. They had a ton of fun.

There was a huge crowd as well. Tons of kids having a great time with sidewalk chalk, ping pong and football. Adults just hanging out having fun. It was definitely a party in Kent.

This is a short video of one point that happened to go our way. Steve and I are playing Mark and his partner (the eventual tournament winners). You can totally see how Steve was a great partner...but I was OK too. I was there when I needed to be and was good enough to not make mistakes or just be the target for the other team.
In unrelated stuff, Lillie found Maren's old pink cell phone. Now she has a real phone for a toy! Maren's new phone is on the table with a new pink cover.
And lastly, as of last night the flooring of the new deck is done! Now I will be moving to the stairs and the railings!

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

What a cool Pickleball Tournament! Great idea, and it's nifty that Preston got to play. Cute picture of Lillie. The deck looks really nice.