Monday, August 30, 2010

Panda eye cover thingy.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we had a party to attend in the evening. It was an "end of summer" bash as well as a 25 year anniversary party for Dwight and Laura, friends from church. There were tons of kids hanging out on the big play toy and tons of adults just hanging out. We had a great time, but everyone was sad that Maren couldn't be there as she is in Texas teaching a class. Lucky for us, Maren gets home tonight.

During the day I took the kids to the outlet stores to do some shoe shopping that I had promised Hansen. He did find a great pair of shoes (indoor soccer shoes for school and everyday use) and now that he is home he is very happy with them. Of course he wanted a new pair of soccer cleats as he wasn't totally happy until he got home and realized he is actually a very lucky kid.

Preston enjoyed trying on $200.00 soccer shoes, and really wished I would have turned into a different parent altogether and just bought him the shoes! After all, this friend and that friend have this shoe and it is awesome...Sadly for Preston, he is still the best soccer player, even when wearing very good shoes instead of very, very, very good shoes. The rest of the time Preston would just text me to let me know he was bored.

Lillie put up with quite a bit from the boys, so she got to go to Claire's. She had $6.00 burning a hole in her pocket (even though the week before she was set on saving up for a new American Girl Doll).
Lillie checking out the necklaces.

And showing off the cute panda sleep eye cover thingy she bought. Maren has a sleep eye cover thingy so Lillie figured she had to have one as well. Maren's is plain black, but after seeing Lillie's cute panda one...she may be shopping for a new one as well? Who doesn't want to be a cute panda?

Today Preston has an ortho appointment, then it is soccer practice and hang out until Maren gets home.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a cute panda eye thingy. Glad Hansen found some nifty shoes. Preston was texting you in the store? That's funny.

Amber said...

Hope Maren had a good time in Texas!!!

Julian's Blog said...

She said it is too hot in Texas! I think she was like 500 miles from you...even though still in Texas. She was looking for Sandy, Spongebob's friend.